Setting up your living room to compliment your television set

A living room of the house is that cozy space where the entire family sits together and enjoys conversation, games, music and entertainment. The living room needs to have a warm environment which makes you feel comfortable to sit for hours at a stretch. Since this is the part of your house where you be spending the most time with your entire family, you need to ensure it is comfortable for not just your family but also for your guests. The right furniture, lighting and choice of electronics and décor adds to the warm feeling of the room.

Paint Color
Choose a basic beige or off-white color for your living room walls. This makes your room appear bigger than it is especially if you are living in an apartment with a smaller hall as compared to bigger houses. If you want to add a brighter color, you can do so on the wall where your television is placed. Try staying away from dark colors like red, brown, violet etc. as these can make your room appear small and dark colors in general can make a person feel dull and sad. Brighter colors uplift your mood and make you feel instantly calmer and at peace. bright colors will also compliment the Samsung televisions you plan to buy for all your rooms.

Placement of Television
Instead of placing the television on a table or cabinet, there are a lot of different varieties of flat screen Samsung televisions which you can place on the wall of your living room to save space. The television needs to be placed in a way where all the occupants of the living room can view it properly. It is better to place the TV on the wall in front of all the sofa sets for the most comfortable viewing. Ensure that the television size is not too big or too small for the room. A very big television can make your room seem smaller and a very small television will cause strain on your eyes. Samsung televisions have a wide range of sizes that you can pick from to match your living room size.

Eliminate Dark Corners
Dark corners usually make the room appear smaller than it is. Dark corners also add a lot of negativity to the room making the people in the room feel little uncomfortable and cramped up. You can brighten up this space by adding a beautiful light-stand along with a shiny showpiece that sparkles and adds light to the dull corner. Indoor plants which don’t require a lot of sunlight can also be placed in these corners to add some natural greenery to the room to compliment Samsung televisions.

Choice of Furniture Material
Teak wood is the best for furniture in general because of its dark colors and durability. It is best to use premium quality teak wood furniture in your living room for that extra cozy feeling. Skip the steel furniture and glass table tops and opt for wooden tables, side tables and book stands. Ensure that you purchase your furniture from a trusted seller because living room furniture is generally very expensive and should ideally last you at least 4-5 years if not more.

When it comes to décor, make sure the imagery used in your living room is positive and comfortable to the eyes such as flowing water, beautiful birds, mountain sceneries etc. Negative imagery such as a lonely person, ancient battles, wars etc. add a very negative energy to the room and are heavy on the mind. Keep the living room simple and don’t go over the top just to make it feel comfy.