Selection criteria for hot water heaters

There are many factors to be considered when buying new hot water heaters. The selection criteria for hot water heaters must be based on the energy and money saving approach. It is wise to choose the water heaters which provide sufficient hot water along with energy efficiency. There are different makes and models of hot water systems. You need to determine the fuel source and actual size before finalizing the decision. Some of the parameters that you must consider when selecting the best type and model of water heaters for your home have been listed below.

Size: Determine your hot water needs. Your hot water heater must provide you with sufficient hot water which meets your various household needs such as laundry, showers, and dishwashing. Check out the size and capacity of different hot water heaters and pick the right size that meets your family needs.

Fuel: The kinds of fuel required by hot water heaters affect the yearly water heater operation costs. Find out the cost, type, and availability of the fuel. Make sure the energy mode you choose must be cost-efficient and deliver maximum performance. Some of the common types of hot water heaters have been listed below.

  • Electricity: All kinds of modern hot water heaters such as on-demand, tankless, and hybrid water heaters work on electricity.
  • Fuel oil: Space heating systems, indirect water heating units, and conventional storage water heaters work on fuel oil.
  • Natural Gas: Natural gas is used to operate tank-less, indirect and conventional water heater systems.
  • Geothermal energy: If you have the geothermal heat pump system in your homes, geothermal energy can be used for space heating which in turn transfers heat to the water. Propane and solar energy are some of the other energy sources which are used to operate different kinds of hot water systems.

Cost: You must get a proper estimate of the cost of the hot water heaters along with the annual operating costs of the heater. You can even compare the cost of the hot water systems and get the best pick which is cost-efficient.

Energy efficient: The hot water needs last all through the year. That is probably why operating hot water heaters may contribute to the large bills. It is advised to get the energy efficient heater which reduces the total operating cost.

Once you have selected the hot water heater which suits your need, you can purchase the right model from leading suppliers of hot water heaters. You can even ask the experts for recommendations for the best hot water heaters. It is advised to get the standard installation from trained professionals who will provide quick installation ensuring maximum safety. If the hot water heaters develop any kind of technical fault, don’t operate on your own. You could end up with a disaster due to the inappropriate handling of the hot water heater equipment. Seek professional help and get someone who can fix the problem quickly and restore your heaters back to normal working condition.

Other considerations
You must take good care of the water heaters over time. Doing so ensures maximum performance and functionality of the hot water heaters. Some of the steps that you must follow have been listed below.

  • Clean the soiled collections regularly.
  • Check all the connections between the pipes and storage tanks. Ensure there are no leaks.
  • Check if all the parts of the hot water heaters such as nuts and bolts are secured properly.
  • Inspect all the ducts, wiring and insulation pipes of the hot water systems for defects.
  • You must conduct a deep check of the hot water heaters timely. This way you can monitor any brewing up problems and seek quick repair to prevent any disaster.