Seiko watches – A fine blend of engineering and craftsmanship

Watches have evolved from a simple time- keeping device apparatus to a multi-utility smart device. Wristwatches came around World War 1, as an upgrade for soldiers from the pocket watches which were inconvenient during the war. Since then, well-designed wrist watches have evolved in design usage and haves now becomes the style and status symbol. It’s fascinating how such a small timepiece can help you make a great first impression and communicate convey a lot about your personality. Watches have not only evolved in aesthetics but also in design which includes mechanical, quartz, digital, solar powered and so on.

From the start, Seiko has not only improved watches through innovation but also invented and introduced many of the first watches due to channeling its relentless drive to create ‘the ultimate wristwatch’. With its enticing product line, Seiko produces a range of watches which that can go cost up to a staggering US$554,000. No wonder, it has been on the wrist of some very famous celebrities like Roger Moore as James Bond and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando and Predator, not to forget Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again. Even Gene Kranz, the NASA Flight Director, wore a Seiko 5 on his wrist while guiding the Apollo 13 from Mission Control room at NASA.

Choose your style of Seiko Watches:

Seiko produces a range of watches to suit the taste of varying individuals. It is a Japanese based company which has created different product lines in Japan as well as in the international market such as the below:-

Grand Seiko collection:
The Grand Seiko collection, which was created with the inspiration of fine watchmaking and is designed to create a strident and crisp visual impression. Designed in 1967, the Grand Seiko 44GS has become iconic for its future generations and this regal legacy still continues till date.

Astron collection:
Seiko introduces Astron as the world’s first solar- powered GPS watch, which never needs a battery changed since it is photovoltaic.

Prospex collection:
The Prospex collection from Seiko watches are is for the adventure enthusiasts, and makes an integral part of their adventure kit. Right from the Prospex Automatic SSC487P1 which is trusted by experts at sea or the Prospex SSG001P1, which is the aviators’ favorite, till the Prospex Patriot Jet Teen Ltd edition watches, each watch is built for a challenge.

Presage collection:
The first Seiko watch came into existence 100 years back ago. A and the Presage collection is a remembrance of this rich heritage.

Why choose Seiko?

-The quality of Seiko promises that their watch is for a lifetime and longer.
-The huge collection which comes in various price range
-Stores located all around the globe.
-Service centers for maintenance and support all over the world in countries like USA, France, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany India, Malaysia and many more.
-Reliability and accuracy that comes with innovative technology and fine craftsmanship.
So choose your watch from the wide assortments of Seiko watches to make your own style statement.