Save big with extreme couponing

How would you like to go shopping, get your favorite items and come back with some extra cash? Extreme couponers have been saying that the system works for years. So how do you make the dream come true? Here are our tips on saving with extreme couponing.

Newspapers & Magazines: Most newspapers and Magazines have sections dedicated to coupons. You will find coupon inserts from various stores in your neighbourhood. Most sale fliers have coupons printed on the bottom of the page. Some stores add in Coupon booklets with newspapers.

Store e-mails: You can also sign up for e-mail coupons from your favourite stores. Many stores offer you to sign up with them to get e-mail notifications on sales and promotions.

Coupon websites: There are many national and local coupon websites that you could subscribe too.

Social media: Stores send out offers and deals through social media platforms too. Keep an eye out as they keep promoting flash sales exclusively through these forums.

Stores: Companies stack coupons on store racks right next to their products. Some stores have deal dispensing machines while others have machines that print out coupons after you have swiped your loyalty card.

Catalinas: Catalinas are coupons printed at the billing counter of a store after you have completed a transaction. You can stack these Catalinas towards a more expensive purchase.


Now that you have collected your coupons it is time to make the best use of them


Sales: The best time to use our coupon is when it will be compounded by a sale. The discounts will be larger.

Organise: Most coupons have a validity of just 10 days to a month, so it is good to organise the coupons you have collected. Get rid of expired coupons and make a system to store coupons according to product and store.

Bulk Purchases: Many coupons are specifically used for bulk buying like but 2 get 1 free or at a discounted rate. Avoid buying perishable goods in bulk.

Stacking Coupons: Many stores will allow you to stack or use multiple coupons on a single sale and some will also order items that are out of stock but within the coupon validity date.

Timing: The best time to go on a shopping spree with your coupons is during off peak hours. Couponing can take a bit of time at the cashiers’ counter. It is unpleasant to hold up the line, while couponing.

Know Your Rights: Many times, cashiers will try to renege on a coupon just because it is a longer process than a regular payment. Keeping a copy of store policy will help you retain the fruits of your hard work.