Save money on renting a property

Renting an apartment can be quite a tedious and challenging task, not to mention very expensive. Apartments in cities can be rented out, only if you are willing to shell out the big bucks for comfort, convenience and for living in style.

But if you are not to fussy about how the apartment is or can make do without some of the modern amenities that we take granted for, renting an apartment may not be that expensive. Old buildings and flats for that matter may not look much but are cheaper to rent and manage too. Hang on to the bare necessities and try looking for alternatives, so that you can save big on furnishing the place as well. Buying good second hand furniture, renting out furniture online and even buying some from the flea market will help you save some big bucks.

Even old buildings come with some perks like having a gym in the basement, laundry rooms and more. Make the most of these facilities so that you can save unwanted spending outside. You would have rented a washing machine or opted for expensive laundry service outside otherwise. Making use of the perks which many buildings have to offer will help you cut back on those expenses.

If you are willing to commute, taking up a place in the suburbs will definitely help with the rent. City spaces are prime hot property since there is no more space available to expand, which in turn affects the cost. Suburbs are far away from these prime locations, which makes them a cheaper alternative.
Granted, the social life you will have in a city will be different from that of in the suburbs, so if you are the type of person who likes to mingle a lot and have an active social life, moving away from the city is not advisable. But it is an alternative for people who are happy with a couple of host parties and potluck dinners in maybe a month or so and mostly stay in to enjoy a warm cup of tea and read a book.

There are good times to look for a place and then there are times when everyone is out there, apartment hunting. People tend to relocate in the beginning, normally the months from January to march are the most active months which in turn affects market rates. When the demand goes up, price goes up.
It is advisable to start looking for apartments during the quitter months, after everybody has settled in. If you think waiting it out might make you miss that gorgeous park facing apartment with a view of the sunset, worry not. It is advisable to wait for the right moment, since even the flats which would have been expensive during the peak demand months may also be available within your budget.