The revolutionary Marino electric fireplace for room heating

Room heaters play an essential role in households and offices especially in winters, and in areas where winters are very bitter due to the temperature fall causing snowfall and tremendous adversely cold weather. Conventionally, most people used fireplaces where wood and kelp were ignited. The ducting and the chimney used to take away the smoke created by the burning. The entire room used to get heated by the fire.

In modern days, electric heaters are used for the same. Marino electric fireplace can be the best example of electrical heater for room heating purpose. The e-Flame USA launched this model of electric fireplace stove in 2015. It has a simple design, ultra-realistic flame, and real glass front.

You can set this fireplace stove anywhere in your house. This can be placed in the family room or any other convenient place to get additional heat. This fireplace stove is equipped with a powerful forced air heater that is run by an adequate capacity fan. Thus users can reduce the central furnace temperature to the desired level, and the cost of heating can be optimized.

This compact heater stove can be sufficient to heat up a room measuring carpet area of about 400 square feet. At the same time, it is safe to touch it while working. Thus kids and pets that might come in contact with this heater unknowingly would remain safe. Additionally, this stove can be used without the heater throughout the year.

Users can expect traditional stove warmth and great ambiance on a smaller scale; the family members would love during winter. This stove doesn’t produce any noise and works through a very quiet operation. The fan-forced heater is provided with adjustments for regulation of the flow of air in high and low mode; so that the drift of hot air delivered by the heater can be easily adjusted. Similarly, it would be easy to attain uniform heat distribution within a room.

This fantastic Marino electric fireplace stove is designed to operate at the lowest possible running cost. When operated with flame, the running cost would be just 1 cent per hour. When it operated with flame and heater, the running cost would be 8 cents. Thus the Marino electric fireplace is very economical for operation in both modes.

The fire produced with this flame gets its depth and dancing flames through the proprietary 3D effect. As far as producing visual flames is concerned, this Marino electric fireplace flame utilizes ten times less energy than the traditional gas fireplaces. As there would be no combustion; all the related hassles such as chimney fires, fuel, ashes, and greenhouse gases are out of the question.

Apart from the Marino electric fireplace, there are other options available in the market, and the next best option is Northwest electric fireplace and Northwest stainless steel fireplace.