Reviews of the top refrigerators of 2017

Refrigerators are no more the plain Jane ice boxes they used to be, that were available in limited colors and features. The modern-day refrigerators are now offered in a plethora of colors and high-tech features. Now you can select between single, double, and multiple door options. These models are also available in different price ranges as well as different energy consumption units.

Here is a quick review of some of the top refrigerators for 2017 that you can consider buying for your house:
Samsung RH25H5611SR

  • This is one of the best Samsung refrigerators you can invest in. It is a dual French door model refrigerator that is known to be the best in the same category of Samsung refrigerators. The model offers efficient cooling performance to ensure that your food and beverages are stored at the temperatures you set.
  • One of the highlights of this refrigerator model is the Food Showcase feature, which lets you have a peek at everything in the refrigerator through glass doors inside the refrigerator.
  • This refrigerator is a good buy for those who are looking for something stylish and efficient. The only shortcoming of this model is that the interiors may feel less roomy as compared to the other dual door Samsung refrigerators in the same price range.
  • However, the model is one of the few door-in-door Samsung refrigerators available in the market. For those willing to spend some extra cash, there is one more Samsung refrigerator that has the Food Showcase feature but is more expensive than this one.


  • This GE model has a simple yet swanky design and is excellent for those who want their refrigerators to add an oomph factor to the overall style of their home. This refrigerator’s style has a retro touch to it, making it an absolute delight to look at.
  • The model has won a lot of customers owing to its smart cooling performance and an affordable price. The interiors are also well lit with decent LED lights.
  • However, there may be some cons that you may want to consider before getting this pocket-friendly refrigerator. The freezer is not as great as compared to other models of its category and the shelving is not so efficient as well. If these cons do not pose an obstacle according to you, then the GE ABE20EGHBS is an excellent choice as it offers style and performance.


  • This General Electric refrigerator steals the spotlight with the best features a refrigerator should have. The model features a dual French door and has a spacious interior.
  • The stylish touch panel controls and the smart water dispenser are just two of the many amazing features the refrigerator has. The controls on the panel are easy to use as well unlike other models with complicated control panels.
  • The main highlight among the features is the Autofill dispenser that dispenses water without spilling using the sensor technology.
  • One of the negatives about the model is that some may find the shelves in the door to be too narrow. The model is available in slate as well as in a stainless-steel finish.

Irrespective of what brand you buy, you need to read up well about all the features that different models offer. You can even read customer reviews online to get some valuable feedback on the refrigerator you are looking at. Drawing out a budget and understanding your refrigerator needs before setting out on buying a refrigerator is very important. This will help you narrow down your choices and not waste time looking at the models that are out of your budget or may not be of use to you.