Reviewing LG refrigerators

LG has made its presence felt with its smart technology and consumer-friendly refrigerators. Once you have decided to go for LG refrigerators, there’s no looking back or having a second thought about it.

LG dominates the country’s appliances market by a lead. An investment in an LG refrigerator is worth the money. Give your kitchen a classy look by decorating it with high-end LG appliances without spending on interiors or any remodeling.

LG refrigerator reviews

Reviewing LG refrigerators is not easy since it ranks highest in customer satisfaction surveys. Here are the reviews of some of the best models of LG that are wooing consumers at large.


This 25 cubic feet mega capacity, 3-door French door model is enhanced with worthy features. It is one of the most affordable French door LG refrigerators costing USD 1,400. The good part about this model is its looks which give you more than you have spent buying this. It scores high on the designing aspect. The stainless steel smudge free body is perfect for a family with kids.


This LG Refrigerator is a steal deal costing USD 900. At 24 cubic feet, this is a classic traditional top freezer model. It gives more storage room and freezer space than any other refrigerator with fancy features. If you are planning for an upgrade from your old refrigerator, this refrigerator model is worth investing in. It is reasonable for the price it is offered at, and so is the capacity. It is 33 inches wide giving it a spacious look and feel.


This LG model is 26 cubic feet side-by-side and costs approximately USD 1,500. Performance wise, this model ranks best. It is 70 1/8 inches tall, so it will need at least 72 inches clearance to fit in. The total space inside the refrigerator is 17 cubic feet, and freezer space is 9.2 cubic feet, making this one of the most spacious LG refrigerators.

The ice dispenser is illuminated with green light controls, which makes it easy to refill your drink even in the dark. The easy sliding pull and a flip shelf is a cherry on the cake. While some features that are present in the high-end models may be missing, this one works great with or without them.


This model is a built-in side-by-side style. This LG refrigerator model is one of the high-end appliances regarding looks and price. It has full sized double freezer drawers. This looks like any other simple refrigerator on the face of it, as there are no fancy features like reversible doors, door hinge covers, and no door finish. The downside of this model is that there is no separate water and ice dispenser, so the user has to toggle between both to refill his jar. The total capacity of this model is 25.6 cubic feet inclusive of the freezer.


If LG refrigerators’ reviews are anything to go by, then this black diamond series counter depth French door model is a perfect for a family of four. It holds the total space of 22.7 cubic feet. This LG refrigerator has all the digital controls on the front door itself. The door gives an alarm when it is left open for a long time. The French door LG refrigerator has dual evaporators to maintain optimum temperature in the refrigerator. The storage bin on the door adds extra brownie points. It works out great for milk or water gallons.

Before buying any refrigerator, take one glance at LG refrigerator reviews that give you an idea of what styles and features are important and necessary in a refrigerator. LG refrigerators speak of class and technology which is beyond imagination.