Repot your orchids with care

Orchids, like many other flower plants need care for them to bloom longer and stay healthier. The care is essential, however not difficult or challenging. It is just like any other plant in your house and needs to be attended to once every day, and some times more than once everyday. The care is require to maintain its good health and bloom.

There comes a time when you have to repot the plant. It is also essential to know when your orchid plant need to be repotted. You must not re-pot the plant unless it’s required. Knowing when to repot is imperative and will do you great help.

Your orchid plant would need repotting if it is growing out of it’s container. That is when you see white roots popping from spaces between the container. Repotting would also be required when you see those potting medium is breaking down. Potting medium helps the plants to grow by providing them support to their roots. When these potting medium are breaking down, its time for a change.

When you come down to repotting the plant, start with choosing the pot that is slightly bigger in size that the previous one. Drainage holes are necessary in the pots you are using for repotting. Your pot material should support the type of orchid plant you have, for that you need to know well what plant you have and what type of pot your plant will grow best in.

You will then need to figure out the potting medium you will be using. For most orchids, potting material is essential as they don’t grow in regular soil so avoid repotting your plant in regular potting soil. You also need to ready your potting soil by soaking it in water overnight. This is important for the soil to retain moisture.

After soaking, make sure to get all the water away from the soil. Do this by straining the soil using a strainer or a cheesecloth.Water should be drained out completely. Now you remove the orchids from its old pot, make sure to be very careful and don’t harm any roots. Get the old potting soil off the roots gently. Remove dead roots if you find them. Untangle the ones that are tangled.

Ready the new pot. Make sure it is clean and sterilized if its been used for orchids before. Place the plant in the new pot. Old roots going in the bottom, and the ones having enough space to grow further.

Carefully add potting mix into the pot without damaging the roots. Make sure to not leave any air pockets as roots need soils all around them to grow. Keep adding the mix till its leveled to the top of the pot. Your plant must stand upright after you are done adding the mix. You repotting is now done.