Reinvent Your Home with LG Refrigerators

It is never too late to reinvent your kitchen with responsive and energy efficient LG refrigerators which are built to deliver a world-class cooling effect. Ranging from refrigerators that maximize space to sleek fitting ones, LG has something stylish with advanced features to fit every kitchen space. If you host parties frequently over the weekend, you would definitely require LG refrigerators with plenty of storage capacity that can keep your food fresh.

LG InstaView Door-in-Door

LG InstaView Door-in-Door with LG Linear Compression technology has been awarded as the most “Innovative Refrigerator of the Year.” The latest compression technology controls cooling power and saves energy up to 32 percent while reducing the noise level by 25 percent. The Linear Compressor enhances the product’s durability and allows LG to offer a 10-year warranty.

The special Door Cooling functionality of the 3 Star Frost Free Refrigerator cools the insides of the appliance 35 percent faster than any other conventional cooling system. Its Ice Beam Door Cooling system ensures a uniform temperature throughout the LG refrigerator. Also, with its additional feature of Fresh 0 Zone, you do not have wait for thawing your food items before cooking.

You can easily access your favorite beverages and food items by just opening the Door-in-Door of LG refrigerators. Simply press the button on the Soft- Touch Control Pad and get ice cubes or water from LG’s tall Water Dispenser and fill larger vessels in one go. Its multiple air cooling vents circulate air to every corner of the refrigerator ensuring freshness and coolness of your food items. LG’s Hygiene Fresh+ technology with its 5-stage filter eliminates air-borne food contaminants and purifies the air so that fresh food lasts longer.

Isn’t it tiresome to deal with customer service every time any refrigerator stops working? With LG’s Smart Diagnosis, you do not have to wait for a professional to make it work! Simply place the phone on your appliance after calling the LG Customer Service Helpline and your LG refrigerator will do all the talking. The Customer Service computer will diagnose and provide a solution within minutes. Isn’t it an easy way to troubleshoot issues?

LG InstaView ThinQ with Amazon Alexa

Now you can communicate with your LG refrigerator and get things done. No time to order groceries online – simply tell your appliance to do it. LG InstaView ThinQ has Amazon Alexa built in the fridge with which you can create shopping lists and buy groceries while cooking in the kitchen. Getting bored while cooking – you can ask Alexa to play some good music to boost your mood. Not only this, you can check the weather, manage your calendar, and much more. With the LG SmartThinQ smartphone app, you can set expiration dates for food and check all the content of the fridge from anywhere. The list does not end here, you can also upload photos and leave notes for your family members while you are away.

The LG Black Stainless Steel Series comes in a black stainless steel alluring look with a satin-smooth and sophisticated finish, giving a brilliant appeal to kitchen space. With a fingerprint and smudge resistant finish, this LG refrigerator is something you would want to show off. Hidden seamlessly on the top, LG refrigerator has LG Bluetooth audio speakers embedded so that you can play your favorite tracks with optimized sound.

LG Signature Appliances including LG refrigerators are the perfect addition to any home making it a next big thing for a modern kitchen. The LG signature refrigerator is tailor-made to fit in with your most updated décor adding beauty to your home. The Door-in-Door and ThinQ models of LG refrigerator have received tremendous enthusiasm from consumers and since then it has found its way onto more models. If you are looking for quality products to grace your kitchen and perform beautifully, then look at the range of LG refrigerators on offer at various outlets and online stores today.