Reasons you should ditch your old water heater

Nothing is better than to start your day with a nice hot bath in the morning. To ensure that you experience this comfort regularly, hot water heaters are here at your service. However, the same efficient appliance can show problems with passage of time. Many people believe that getting a few extra months from their aged water heater is a money-saving trick than purchasing a new one. Unfortunately, this is not so. The money that they are spending on repairs of the old water heater can be used to get a new and better water heater like one of the Home Depot water heaters.

The situation when you go to your bathroom in the morning for a nice hot shower to find that your old water heater is not working at all, can be infuriating. Therefore, before it happens or if it is already happening, you need to grab a new water heater. Your antique water heater might already be showing signs of deterioration. To help you decide whether you need to go for a brand new water heater or not, here are some signs that suggest replacing your older appliance with a modern unit.

Reasons your old heater needs replacement

Modern hot water heaters are much better than the traditional ones, be it the tank-less variety or the ones operated by electricity. If your water heater is showing one or many of these signs, then you should probably give a thought to purchasing a new one.

  • Fluctuating Temperature Does it happen that the temperature you set for your water heater is not exactly what you get? It is probably an indication to go out in the market and purchase a new one. As an added benefit, several modern water heaters comes with temperature adjustment gauges that let you set precise temperature of hot water.
  • Slower Heating If waiting for the water to heat up in your old water heater seems like ages, it is probably time to go for a new water-heating appliance.
  • Out of Warranty Period Water heaters, even the traditional ones, come with warranties usually. There are many disadvantages like short-circuit and high electricity bills while using out-of-warranty equipment. Therefore, once your water heater crosses the warranty period, you must replace it with a new one.
  • Frequent Breakdowns As time progresses, a unit becomes more susceptible to breakdowns. Rather than spending too much money and time on getting your old water heater up and running, it is better to bring home a new water heater.
  • Irritating Noises Older appliances or equipment become noisy over time. Water heaters are no exception to this fact, especially traditional water heaters. Frequent annoying noises made by your older water heater can really act as a spoilsport for your rejuvenating bath experience.

With the advent of newer and more efficient water-heating technologies, enjoying a hot water bath has become easier than ever. Just grab a new water heater if your old unit is ready to push up the daisies.