Reasons why your business requires an esignature

The digital world has made thousands of things very easy for us, but digitalizing legal documents come with their own set of problems. The issue of physical signatures being required to indicate the veracity of documents means businesses still need to use pen and paper to communicate. But not anymore. At present, more and more businesses are going the digital way, even in terms of signatures. An e-signature can help lend authenticity to a document in the form of a certain mark to give approval to its contents.

If you are wondering about the advantages of using an e-signature software for your day-to-day business communication, here are the advantages to consider:

  • Adds an element of security
    Not many are aware of this but an e-signature is actually far more secure than a manual signature. This is because an e-signature can be traced down to the source of who signed it unlike a manual signature, which can be easily forged. Security is of prime concern when dealing with sensitive contracts and large sums of money in businesses and being able to trace signs goes a long way in maintaining peace of mind.
  • Reduces lag in work
    In any business, time is as good as money. Every second lost can see a competitor race ahead because they were more efficient. With an e-signature, you can save precious time as you do not need to manually wait for signatures. If your boss is in an important meeting or in another location, they can simply give you an approval via an e-signature. This can save you the time spent waiting for them to be able to attend to the document in-person.
  • Reduces expense in business
    You might wonder how an e-signature can lower business costs. Well, in the earlier days, one would have to manually sign a document and then pay for it to get posted or couriered to its intended recipient. These costs of sending documents manually can pile up. So, if you count the savings made, it does account for a sizable figure.
  • Client-friendly
    If your clients are on a time crunch, it can get very difficult for them to stay put in place to sign some documents that need to be prepared. This can be inconvenient for both you and them. With the flexibility offered by an e-signature, they can sign on the documents anytime, from anywhere and send it to you immediately for verification. A lot of times, business deals are finalized over the web, and in cases like these, having an e-signature software is especially useful.