Reasons Why You Should Get an Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro looks and feels more like a laptop than a tablet. With respect to processing capacity, it is closer to a laptop than an iPad. But, when it comes to attributes of a tablet, it is second to none.

When you first look at it, it may appear to you as does a laptop. The iPad Pro has a big screen and is heavy compared to other tablets and iPads. Its cost is also comparable to that of a high-end laptop than that of a tablet.

At just 6.9 cm thickness, it is thinner and sleeker than a laptop. It is available in two screen sizes: 10.5 and 12.9 inches. The iPad Pro 12.9 does seem to be more of a gaming console than a tablet. It is quite big. Let’s go through the astounding features of this device.

Power-packed hardware and OS

The iPad Pro is powered by the A10X chipset, a hexa-core CPU, 64GB RAM, which is expandable to 512 MB, and a 12-core GPU. This, in combination with iOS 11, makes sure that the iPad Pro has a supreme processing power. Toggle between email, social media, presentations, and documents with ease. Multitasking has never become so easy and smooth.


The color-rich big screen, especially in the 12.9-inches model, is a joy to use and hold. It is not only color-rich, but also fluid, and boasts of a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels, making it quite a bright one. It has an anti-reflective and multi-touch screen that is highly responsive to touch.

Apple pencil

A very special feature of the iPad Pro is the Apple pencil. This is a versatile tool for all of your precision-oriented jobs. You can scribble notes, draft a diagram, draw a subtle sketch, do some painting, put your signature, and mark up an email with this versatile tool. It is easy to use but almost impossible to replace. You can design a building, markup a document, edit a complex document, retouch a photo, design cards, annotate photos and PDFs and do a lot more. Moreover, you can perform all these tasks with a lot of accuracies. Apply pressure to draw thick lines and keep it light for thin lines. There are two sensors at the tip of the pencil that sense its tilt relative to the screen so that you can create different degrees of shading by tilting the pencil at different angles. It is more like a traditional pencil in this aspect.

Palm rejection technology

This technology has been incorporated in iPad Pro with a view to let users rest their hands on the screen while they use the Apple pencil. This helps with a precision of lines, angles, and shades. Whether you need to use the pencil as a spray can, a paint marker, a scalpel, a shader, a brush, a crayon, a tool for selecting figures, a highlighter, or an eraser, resting your hand on the screen helps. With the palm rejection technology, the power is now in your hands. Just let your creative ideas flow through the pencil.


It has a 10307 mAh battery that can last about 10 hours of vigorous use and comes with fast charging technology. The Apple pencil needs to be charged as well, but it has a lightning-fast charging feature. Just plug it in for 15 seconds and you can use it for about half an hour. To charge the pencil you have to connect the Lightning connector, which is present under the magnetic cap of the pencil, with the iPad Pro.

Smart keyboard

It comes with a full-size keyboard that makes it as useful as a laptop.

Overall, the iPad Pro is a superlative tablet. If you count on processing power, multitasking abilities, attractive display, ease of playing high definition games, and other features, then this tablet surpasses many of the high-end laptops available today.