Reasons to order custom lapel pins

The lapel pin is a modern version of the boutonnières worn in olden days. A lapel pin is a small pin that is worn on clothing, and most often on the lapel of suit jackets by both men and women. While a boutonnière, which is a lapel pin made with real fresh flowers is still worn for formal occasions like proms, homecomings, funerals, and weddings. There are two kinds of the modern version of the lapel pins, the decorative ones, and the ones that show the wearer’s identity or affiliation to certain organizations or causes, or the ones worn as pride of achievements are worn more often to academic events or social causes.

While the Military and Police have specific rules and instructions as to how lapel pins must be worn and who should wear them, the ones worn by common people as a personal style to add a special, distinct style to their clothes do not have any rules as such except that they are always worn on the left side of their jackets or dresses, near the heart. Men wearing shirts and ties without jackets normally wear lapel pins in the center of their ties, and those without ties wear it on the left side of their shirts, near the heart. Women, on the other hand, could wear them on jackets if they wear a suit or on their other clothes such as blouses and scarves. While it is not intended to make the wearer stand out for his/her style of dressing, lapel pins add a certain mod twist to well-fitted clothes. A combination of both vintage and contemporary styles of attiring is back in vogue, and therefore, lapel pins are now being customized.

High-quality custom lapel pins made digitally in the country in full color are delivered quickly within a week after the artwork is approved. Money-back guarantees, free price estimates and design services offered by online lapel pin manufacturers help customers to give orders for them in hundreds to give them either as gifts for celebrations or as marketing products for branding products and services.

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