Reasons why you should opt for a modular home

Modular homes are built with prefabricated structures or modules, assembled together on site. These homes are no different than your regular homes, with the exception of being more cost effective and easy to build from scratch.

Since modular panels are manufactured off site, custom panels can be designed to suit the client’s requirements and if needed modified as well. These panels are cost effective and easy to manufacture, since the form is based on a predetermined design with accurate parameters and dimensions. This enables all the panels of the home to fit in like a jigsaw puzzle or Lego blocks perfectly.

There are number of advantages of opting for modular homes for the following reasons. Here are a few reasons why.

Time is money: Everybody in the construction business knows that the more labor time an uptime there is on any site, the increased will be the cost. Uncertainties in material prices, labor charges hikes and increased transportation costs all add to the big list of expenses. Modular homes however can be manufactured in parts and transported to the site, where the construction and installation takes a fraction of the time compared to its traditional competitors. There are smaller modular homes which can be completed built indoors in big warehouses or factories, waiting to be just transported to the new building site. This saves time and of course a lot of money.

Design flexibility: Since most modular homes are designed with the intention that someday, upgrades or changes can be made to the existing structure, this makes it a preferable choice over regular homes. The design allows for changes to be made even after a couple of years when the client feels that he wants to expand by adding another floor to create a duplex.

No wastage of materials: Although contractors plan the materials that might be needed for the construction project accurately, there still might be a chance of material shortage or wastage for that matter. Consistency in the building materials will ensure a smoother process and workflow management where there are no downtimes. Modular homes ensure efficient material utilization and minimize the allied costs.

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