Read These Mattress Reviews to Snooze Out Your Stress

Sleep is the fuel that nourishes our brain to get up and get back to work. Every morning we get up from our bed with new energies. At night we get back to the same bed, jaded and exhausted, to take some rest, in need of sound sleep. Being tired and not being able to fall asleep is a ridiculous feeling. One of the reasons for sleepless nights is an uncomfortable mattress. It is very important to choose a good mattress for sound sleep. This article will help you choose a good mattress for your bed so that you don’t have to spend any more sleepless nights.

Importance of good mattresses

Your mattress prevents you from being an insomniac. If you are unable to sleep for 4-5 consecutive days, gradually you may develop a habit of sleeplessness. This may lead you towards insomnia.
Four out of every five people bear the problem of back pain. People complain that their back hurts. But they are unable to understand the real cause of it. The cause is nothing else but your uncomfortable mattress. A comfortable but firm mattress supports your back whenever you sleep. It prevents you from back pain and allows you to sleep comfortably.
When your nights are comfortable, you wake up fresh with new energies. This is a natural cycle that goes on and on. But when this cycle is interrupted with less sleep caused by a lumpy mattress, the mornings are not as fresh. This increases irritation level, headache, body ache, and many more problems which lead to stress and depression. Therefore, in order to get rid of it, sleeping comfortably is very important.

Sleep improves the concentration level. Not only this, it takes your mind to the state of solitude where it recalls every day to day activity. It is the same as your computer being updated. While updating, your computer refreshes the data and stores files in a managed form. In the same way, your mind gets refreshed and manages all the happening of your life, many times leaving you with a solution to your problem. Hence, it is very important to have good sleep.

Sleep enhances your look and your health. It is proven in research that 80% of the people fall prey to diseases due to low immunity. Sleeping not only boosts your immunity levels but also makes you look beautiful. 6-8 hours of deep sleep makes your skin glow, removes dark circles and dullness from your skin. It helps in removing the weariness from your skin making you look even younger and more beautiful.

5 best mattresses of 2018

Sealy Optimum Elation Gold

The Optimum Gold mattress is rated 8.8 out of 10 in the most mattress reviews. The two inches gel memory foam makes it highly comfortable. The same heat retention capacity keeps the mattress cool. Though there are many complaints regarding this, still 8 out of 10 pieces are free of any type of defects.

Serta iComfort Prodigy III

In this list of best mattresses, Serta iComfort Prodigy III stands at number four in mattress reviews. Owning 9 stars out of 10, it focuses on gaining customer satisfaction. The 2-layered gel memory foam aids sleeping by increasing heat absorption, thus keeping the body cool. This makes sleeping more comfortable.

BedInABox Serenity Gel

The Bed In A Box Serenity Gel is rated 9.3 out of 10 and stands on the third position in this mattress review. The cover of the mattress gives it an extra star. The cover is cool and the fabric is soft and very comfy.

Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme Breeze

This is rated 9.5 out of 10 according to our mattress review. It is comparatively softer and cooler. The medium and high-density foams are more comfortable and durable than any other mattresses.

Liberty Mattress

It is also known as Amerisleep AS3 has been rated 9.7 out of 10. The mattress reviews say this can get a 10 on 10 with no doubt. The cover of the mattress makes sleeping faster and comfortable. Liberty mattresses use 3 layers of foams in their mattresses. These foams are exclusively prepared by Amerisleep. To add-on, they offer 2 years of warranty on the foams. Therefore, even if your foams get worn out, which won’t, you may easily replace it.

If you are facing any problem while sleeping, get your mattress replaced right now. It is better to check mattress reviews before buying your mattress.