Quick and easy sides to serve with boiled lobsters

Summer picnics are no fun without some freshly made juicy lobster. While your lobster would be the leading star, it would surely require a support team to shine. To enhance the taste of the main course it is essential to pair it with some scrumptious sides. Boiled lobsters on their own are quite mild and that makes them work very well with a variety of sides. Check out some of the most popular sides to serve with your lobster feast!

Lighter the better!
Salads are the most commonly served sides with boiled lobsters. You could decide the kind of the salad depending on your taste and preference. It is better to have sides that are lighter. Instead of something that is overpowering, serving a salad would enhance the flavor of the lobster. If you want to play safe go for the tried and tested coleslaw. Coleslaw is something that naturally seems to fit with a lobster treat. If you are too bored with this pair, you could try going with a quick salad with some light syrup dressing. You could also toss a green bean salad with some cherry tomatoes and olives to make a salad that is tasty and healthy. Asparagus and lobsters make a great combo. You could steam the asparagus and use a simple lemon pepper dressing on it. Grilled asparagus is equally enjoyable with lobsters. If you wish to drop the overload of carbs going green with salads is the safest bet!

Steamed Veggies
Lobsters are heavy even when they are boiled. To complement the richness of lobsters, try serving veggies that are boiled and not too filling. Steamed broccoli is a good option. Corn on the cob and mashed potatoes too are simple and easy to make sides that go superbly with the succulent meat.

Dipping Sauces
An excellent way to make your lobster dish a success is by serving it with a variety of dipping sauces. You could keep your lobster simple and embellish its taste and goodness by presenting to your guests a mix of dips with varying consistencies. From creamy to runny, you could present quite a variety for your guests to mix and match.

To add some starch to your protein rich lobster meal, use breads. You could serve an assorted bread basket or stick to just one kind. Breads can be laden with some dipping sauce on top or simply served hot.