Quick and easy gluten free breakfast recipes

Gluten is a composite protein which is found in certain foods like wheat and barley. This makes it difficult for people who are gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive incorporate these ingredients in their recipes. But there are substitutes which can be used to make the most important meal of the day without compromising its taste.

Here are some of the classic breakfast and brunch dishes which can be made gluten free using these simple diet substitutes, for kids and adults.

Gluten and grain free muffins: Made with bananas and eggs, nut butter, vanilla, apple cider vinegar and raw honey, blended together in a food processor to make a nice smooth batter to be baked at 400 degrees. Unlike regular muffins made with white flour which has gluten, the bananas act as the base substitute for the batter. Baked for about 15 to 20 minutes and served hot with the toppings of your choice.

Gluten free waffles: Waffles are made with flour as the base ingredient which is a strict no-no for people with gluten intolerance. A substitute in the form of gluten free flour blend can be used instead of traditional flour to make the classic waffle recipe, served with maple syrup. Preparation does not vary much original recipe and the gluten free flour does not necessarily alter the taste.

Gluten free pancakes: Pancakes can be made using just a couple of bananas and two eggs, with a dash of cinnamon to add the flavor. The pancake is cooked in coconut oil, golden brown on both sides to be served with berries and maple syrup. A perfect gluten free recipe just as flavorful and filling as the classic variant.

Peanut butter pancakes: A perfect combination of vegan and gluten free, the peanut butter pancakes are a stellar standout amongst many breakfast recipes. A bit high in the calorie and carbohydrates content when it comes to nutritional value, but low in fat and sugar. Made with gluten free flour and vegan substitutes, with the main hero of the dish being delicious peanut butter.

Quinoa breakfast bowl: Quinoa is a grain crop, which is a variety of edible grain seeds when cooked. It has a moderate amount of healthy fibers and minerals beneficial for your overall health. The breakfast bowl features an array of ingredients from cooked quinoa, almond or hemp milk, fruits of your choice to add to your breakfast bowl.

Also, sugar in any of the recipes can be easily substituted for sugar free for the diabetic patients.