Quick and easy appetizers for kid’s parties

Planning a party for your fussy little ones, can be quite confusing. With their birthdays around the corner, the anxiety to plan for a lavish party menu can at times give you sleepless nights! What’s worse is when you are short on time. Whether you are running against time or merely lack the inclination or imagination to plan for a grand event, make sure your party menu doesn’t suffer! Feeding kids at parties can get tricky as they become hyperactive and excited with all the fun and games. To feed them you must prepare appetizers that are fun and attractive looking. Here are some super easy and quick party appetizers that all our little fussy eaters would enjoy!

The most easy and popular appetizer among kids is popcorn! You could caramelize the popcorn or make tubs of chocolate laced popcorn. Making these is extremely simple and they get made super quick. All you need is some freshly made popcorn, home-made chocolate and caramel syrup and a spatula to whip ordinary looking dull popcorn to the sought after caramelized ones!

Another easy-to- make appetizer is fresh fruit, peanut butter and jam on a stick. You can use peanut butter and blueberry jam on bread and skewer it with some berries, bananas or grapes. Kids would enjoy eating these colorful and tasty sticks!

Talking of sticks, there are quite a few things that you can put onto them! Make mini one-bite pizzas with cheese, vegetable or non-veg toppings and put a stick up the base. You would love to see them disappear within no time! Alternatively, for those with a sweet tooth, make mini pancake pops. Another easy and quick bite could be goat cheese and sausage croissant sticks! Make tiny croissants with cheese and sausage filling and see your little ones relish them with their friends!

Mini Tarts with different kinds of toppings also makes for a super quick appetizer. You can add cheese, olives, mushrooms, bell peppers or even a thick egg filling on top. You could do the same with or tarts or even puffs. Playing around these ingredients would help you work up a delectable dish. See how all your guests savor this starter!

You could also do wonders with fruits. Fruit appetizers are a fun and healthy way to feed kids fresh fruits.  What’s more is that the kids would fall in love with them. You could mix and match green and red grapes and coat them with milk and dark chocolates. You can also use strawberries, blueberries and cranberries to fully or partially coat them with chocolate paste. You would be surprised how this hassle-free dish would outdo the main course that you spent hours preparing. Fruit appetizer would surely have an overwhelming number of takers!

The key to have a successful kids party is to have fresh and innovative appetizers and main course on the menu! You can easily innovate appetizers and serve them in an all new way. Serving old wine in a new bottle is precisely the trick! You could add healthy ingredients in the appetizers and camouflage them in petite sizes and attractive coatings!