Questions to ask on your first date

We all want to know our dates better and hence we have a conversation with them. But there are times when you spend reasonable amount of hours with them and still wonder what kind of a man he was or woman she was. To save time and get to know them better on your first date, ask them these questions.

If your house was on fire, what are the five things you would carry out with yourself if you could?
This question might seem a little odd, but their answer will help you understand what they value the most in life.

When was the last time you cried. And Why?
Everyone, no matter how strong, has a weak point that breaks them down. Men might say otherwise, but studies have suggested that men too cry after a breakup or in the sad ending of an emotional movie or when their pets die. What makes a person cry tells a lot about that person. It also shows how comfortable your date is in sharing this detail with you. So when your date does, however, opens up to you, be empathetic and keep them comforted.

If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be?
Most people have no regrets, but deep down, everybody would love to go back in time and change at least one thing they wish they had done differently. This is just a way of asking if they regret anything in life.

Name five films you love
Films often connect to people emotionally and not everyone has one same perception about one film. If you and your date watch films, their answer can tell a lot about what connects and appeals  to them more. Their answer to why they loved a certain film will help you know them better and will also make the conversation more interesting.

What’s your biggest fear?
Answer to this question will tell you their weakness. So there is a chance they will hesitate answering this honestly. They only way you can get them to answer this is by making them very comfortable in your presence. But this will surely make them open up to you more and will result in a very meaningful conversation.