Questions you should ask before renting a place

Renting a house or an apartment for that matter is nothing short of making a big commitment, financial and otherwise. There are a number of things you should be aware of, to ask the right questions before signing the agreement. But here are a few that you must ask in order to be well informed to make the decision, of taking up the place or not.

The rent agreement: The most important factor is to consider are the clauses in the rent agreement. This is a binding legal contract for both parties and there are consequences in case any clause is violated. Never hesitate to ask the landlord or better yet, an expert who will understand the terms and conditions of the clauses binding, in case you don’t understand something. There might be certain terms which cannot be interpreted by both parties, this is where special help is needed in the form of an attorney or legal advisor.

Ask for all documents: As a tenant, you can ask for the documents like title of the said property, maintenance receipts and more to verify that the property belongs to the owner. This is a necessary step to avoid being duped, since some properties might be mortgaged but are still being let out for rent. This situation might be extremely tricky for the tenant in case the owner defaults on payments and the bank decided to seize the property.

What is included in the rent?
This is a very important question to ask, what is included in the monthly rent that you have agreed or will agree to pay. In some cases, the rent might be just for the space being let out, in other cases rent will be inclusive of certain amenities provided by the owner. If the apartment or house is furnished, make sure you do a thorough inspection of everything to ensure proper working condition and good maintenance.

Restrictions, if any?
Some homeowners might have a couple of restriction in place, which for you as a tenant just might be a deal breaker. This is a problem if you are renting an apartment in the city too. You might own a car and find out there is no street parking or any parking for that matter close by. Check before hand with the owner and the supervisor of the building to confirm if pets are allowed. You wouldn’t want to rent a place where your furry friend is not allowed.