Pros and cons of owning a pre-owned mobile home

Purchasing a pre-owned mobile home for sale may feel like an excellent investment opportunity at first glance. But before you go ahead with the deal, there are quite a few factors that you should consider when it comes to such transactions. So, to make sure you’ve made an informed decision, we’ve listed down some of the pros and cons of getting a pre-owned mobile home for sale.

These factors make getting a pre-owned mobile home for sale a lot more appealing.

  • Affordable for first-time buyers
    A mobile home is certainly a very affordable investment as compared to a home that is affixed to a piece of land (equity). It is the ideal low-income housing option. It is also ideal for single individuals who are not planning to start a family of their own anytime soon.
  • Great alternative for office space
    There is a growing trend of small businesses using mobile homes as offices. So, if you have a private business and are low on budget, a large mobile home can serve the purpose of working with a small staff.
  • Cheaper than a normal home
    Purchasing a pre-owned mobile home for sale turns out to be much cheaper than buying a mobile home that has not been owned before. This helps with your lowered building costs in case of financial strain. Moreover, as per housing and real estate investors, homebuyers can enjoy nearly 20% savings on pre-owned mobile housing costs.

As we mentioned earlier, a pre-owned mobile home for sale does sound like a good deal, but these reasons may urge you to think otherwise.

  • Temporary housing
    As a pre-owned mobile home for sale does not come attached to the land, its temporary nature may not be suitable for some. It does not have permanent standing bases, groundwork, or foundations. This may increase the risk of damage during rough weather conditions like floods, storms, and the like.
  • Faulty features or fixtures
    The reason many sellers give a pre-owned mobile home for sale could be due to faulty fixtures and features that come with that home. So, the onus is on the buyer to thoroughly inspect the mobile home so that they do not make a bad deal because the seller has wrongfully not disclosed certain negative aspects of the home.
  • Separate land costs
    In a traditional transaction, the home and land are sold in a single lot. But in the case of a pre-owned mobile home for sale, the land cost is on top of the price of the mobile house that you may purchase later on. You may have to incur real estate expenditures and costs for improvements to the land.

Keeping these pros and cons in mind will help you find the right pre-owned mobile home for sale.