Pros and cons of Online dating sites

While Online dating sites is becoming a huge hit among the generation Y, and to the people who love to find their companion well within their comfort zone, online dating websites have their own share of pros and cons. Have a look at them and consider all your options.


Access to more people and more types of people
The most obvious benefit of these websites is that they provide easy access to thousands of potential databases. This can be especially beneficial for people who don’t have a large social circle.

You know where people stand.
You can be fairly certain that everyone you meet is single and looking. This removes a lot of the ambiguity that you face when you meet an interesting person at a work event or a party.

It can be good for socially anxious people.
Socially anxious individuals often have difficulty forming and maintaining close relationship. These individuals may find it easy approaching people and opening up online.


Too many options can be a bad thing
Too many options can be overwhelming and lead you to worry that you have chosen too early. So if one prospector does mot suit your checklist, there are hundreds more who could be better. But this can also lead you to overlook potential dates because with all those options.

Profiles provide limited information.
It can be difficult to find out if you’re compatible with someone based solely on what they have revealed on a dating site.

The sites can put too much focus on physical attractiveness
It is not surprising that physically attractive people are more successful on online dating sites. Hence, making a quick decision based on an online photo may cause us to dismiss potential mates to whom we could become attracted.

There’s pressure for things to turn romantic quickly
When you meet someone in the context of an online dating site, you might feel a sense of urgency to look for an immediate romantic connection. This is only exacerbated by the emphasis on physical attractiveness created by online dating profiles. This however does not make the relationship work longer.