Program your way to an aromatic cup of coffee

Did you know that you can now program your coffee maker to have a freshly brewed cup of coffee as soon as you wake up? Did you also know that you could halt the process of coffee grinding and brewing after you have the desired number of cups ready for your guests? However, you may not know about several other programmable features that bean-to-cup coffee makers can bring to your table. Read on to find more.

Programming a coffee maker
If you have no idea of what the programming of a coffee maker entails, then you should just know that it is all about the automatic and fully programmable features of this appliance. The latest in coffee machines, such as the Cuisinart coffee maker, have been designed to be programmable for up to 24 hours to start brewing. These coffee makers also have various automatic bean grinding and brewing options that the user can set and control according to their preferences of coffee making.

Common programmable options in drip coffee machines
While drip coffee machines such as the Cuisinart coffee maker come at affordable rates and have the capacity to brew several cups of coffee at a time, these machines also feature many useful programmable options to brew that perfect cup of coffee anytime. Here are some of the options that you can program to your advantage:

  • Cup count: This is the most common setting you may control in any decent drip coffee maker. Even if a machine is programmed for up to 12 cups of coffee in one brew, you can change it as per the required numbers. Singles or couples may do well with a 4-cup or even a 1-cup machine with programmable cup count.
  • Strength selector: Drip coffee makers have an option of choosing the strength of coffee. You can program it to get mild to strong coffee as per the taste and flavor you like.
  • Grind control selector: You can use this feature to grind beans, as you need them. You can get the beans at a perfect size and texture.
  • Temperature control/heater plate: You can control the temperature at which you want to brew your coffee. These machines have adjustable heater plates to set the temperature from low to high. Thus, your coffee can stay warm for hours.
  • Digital clock timer: This option can be used to time your perfect cup of coffee. You may even set it at night to get warm or piping hot coffee when you wake up in the morning. So, even if you forget to prepare your coffee, your coffee maker will not.
  • Brew pause: This most-used programmable function can stop/pause the brewing process and produce a cup of coffee out of the machine whenever you like. Replacing the carafe will help continue the process of brewing.
  • Auto shutoff: This is the handiest function that one can program to shut off the machine automatically at the desired time.
  • Self-clean: Just pressing a button can let your coffee maker clean itself to serve you fresh and flavorful coffee the next time. Thus, minimal maintenance is required for such programmable coffee makers.

Now, getting a cup of rich and aromatic coffee is as easy as pressing a few buttons to program your coffee maker. Brew your coffee the way you desire and without a mess.