Pre natal must-dos for expecting mothers

The pre natal phase or the pregnancy of a lady is one of the most joyful yet the most crucial times of her life in terms of the level of care that has to be accorded to her in mental and physical terms. This has to be done because the health and development of the fetus depends to a great degree on the health of the expecting mother. Here are the ways in which one should take care of oneself during pregnancy.

Know Your Dates
To begin with, one will have to ensure that the checks ups and pregnancy tests are done on time so that there is timely confirmation of the same. In case you start noticing the symptoms in the first few weeks of pregnancy, it would be a good idea to get an online pregnancy test done. Thereafter, you must also visit the doctor and get a formal check up done as a confirmation of the pregnancy. You should also be well aware of your due date with a due date calculator. This will also show you when your trimester date check ups are and when the various trimesters will start. This will help you in keeping a check on the pregnancy so that things are under control and any small anomaly can instantly be reported to the doctor.

Nutrition is one of the main things that one has to look after during pregnancy. It is important to start having folic acid as soon as you start planning the pregnancy as this will ensure that the fetus is in good health. During pre natal care, you will need to take care of your folic acid intake and also get supplements from your doctor so that you can have the same regularly. Apart from this, you will also have to take regular iron and calcium supplements.

Regular Check Ups
It is imperative to invest in yourself during the pre natal time. Your check ups will have to be scheduled and taken up on a timely basis so that every scan can be conducted and every test can be concluded to ensure that you and the fetus are not suffering from any kind of issues and possible anomalies. You will need to find yourself a doctor whom you can trust so that you are comfortable with him or her.

Pre Natal Classes
There are a number of pre natal classes that one can undergo so that you are well prepared for the delivery of the baby. Pre natal yoga and breathing classes are an absolute must as the techniques taught here will ensure that you are well prepared for a normal delivery with stamina and breathing techniques by your side. You must try and attend these classes with your partner or the person who will be with you in the delivery room. Also, you may want to attend classes on taking care of yourself and grooming yourself during the pre natal period so that you do not fall prey to any kind of infections.