Portable oxygen concentrator – To rent or to purchase?

Typically, the stationary home concentrators and oxygen tanks were the only options available for those who needed oxygen therapy for dealing with COPD and other respiratory disorders. But, with evolving technologies, portable oxygen concentrators have penetrated the market which provides mobility and freedom.

Those who require the oxygen therapy extensively will require a stationary one, whereas, those who are less dependent on the equipment and are quite active would need a portable one which allows them to carry it around with them. So, the decision is whether it has to be stationary or portable one and whether to rent or purchase portable oxygen. Consider the following scenarios. For instance, when you are out for a short vacation or on a flight traveling to another place, you need to carry your oxygen concentrator. It is quite evident that your stationary apparatus cannot be carried around due to its weight. Also, oxygen tanks are not allowed on a commercial flight. Since tanks cannot be taken on commercial flights, the lightweight, portable devices can be potential lifesavers. And you can just rent one to serve the purpose.

Similarly, when your physician has advised you to use an oxygen concentrator, you might want to try out which one would be good for you before buying. In such a case, it is advisable to opt for a rental portable oxygen concentrator.  A few days of a trial will give you the clarity of the comfort and usability of the product. While using the portable ones, if you feel it’s the right fit for you, in the long run, many providers offer rent to own schemes in which case you can retain the same unit by purchasing it or order a new one of the same model without a hassle. So, it can serve great as a trial.

Thus, for short-term use, it is wise to rent a portable oxygen concentrator instead of investing in the device.

Things to consider before renting
Rental packages for portable oxygen devices are available, and you can check the portable oxygen concentrator prices before renting one. It is definitely better to rent them out a few days before traveling to ensure that everything works well during the travel and flight. There are a number of varieties of the portable oxygen concentrators to choose from, each with variable price range as well as features. Try to select the best portable oxygen concentrator on the basis of weight and battery life for convenience.

It is ideal to decide on the oxygen flow as well as the daily requirement of oxygen, and then choose between Pulse Dose and Continuous Portable Oxygen Concentrator accordingly. Knowing your need for oxygen will enable you to select the right one. A few online sites that offer rental are OxyMedical, Health Oxygen, Vitality Medical, and Oxygen Concentrator Store and you can rent the device based on portable oxygen concentrator reviews available online. You must also decide whether you are willing to carry the oxygen concentrator in a backpack or a wheeled cart meant for carrying the concentrators. Using a backpack is convenient for those who are eager to go sightseeing or enjoy activities such as hiking, etc.

It is always a wise decision to have a detailed idea about the machine’s ins and outs, especially while you are renting it for temporary usage. So, an essential factor which you must keep in mind during the ongoing period of the renting process is going through the portable concentrator’s manual properly. By doing so, one will receive a clear concept of the portable concentrator. If by chance you have any query regarding the usage of any part, then feel free to call the specific medical supply company as the customer care representatives will be present to assist you 24*7.

So, when you are looking into options for oxygen therapy while out, rent a portable oxygen concentrator and stay free of concern.