Popular types of 3 wheel bikes for adults

If you missed riding bicycles as a child and regret it each day, cheer up! You can still learn to ride a bike all by yourself. The invention of the adult tricycle, made riding bikes for one and all super easy. The three-wheeled craftsmanship has helped newbies, people with physical challenges and senior citizens get acquainted with the wonders of independent cruising! Adult Tricycles are not just extremely convenient and fully adjustable, these are also aesthetically very appealing. Associating tricycles with kids is the norm, however, manufacturers all around the world produce adult versions for the ones young at heart. When it comes to adult three-wheeled cycles you have quite a range! Let us check out some of the popular types of adult tricycles.

Traditional Adult tricycles, quite like any other tricycle has a stable platform that takes care of the act of balancing. Its convenient “step through� design enables easy mounting and dismounting. Many of these come with an optional seat back that helps keep your back, butt and hands at ease. Unlike their older versions, tricycles now are way more light and vert strong. People with weight issues need not get discouraged, these tricycles can easily accommodate those extra pounds with no compromise on the riding experience. The only point of difference between a normal bicycle and its tricycle counterpart is the physical frame. When it comes to repair and replacing parts, tricycles have quite the same mechanism as an ordinary bicycle. You can ride as much as you want and not let repair and maintenance ruin your riding experience.

Other than the traditional kind, there are sundry alternative styles in tricycles that you could choose from. There is a style called Semi Recumbent tricycle that strikes a perfect balance between a standard trike and a recumbent trike. This style suits older riders who find recumbent trike too low and standard trike too hard to pedal. Next up are electric tricycles that make pedaling optional. For a cool and somewhat adventurous feel, you have a chopper tricycle. Chopper tricycles are the most common type of upright bikes that adds an awesome twist to your biking experience. If you are looking for an easy storage option, you may want to go for a folding tricycle that has a collapsible mechanism. Such bikes solve limited storage issues at home and make riding more accessible to a variety of people.

With so many options available at your disposal, ditch all excuses and get some exercise in the fresh air. What’s best, you wouldn’t have to hitch a ride every time you want to go out!