Popular therapeutic purposes of lifelike baby dolls

Love them, hate them, you can surely not ignore them. People around the world seem divided in their opinions about lifelike or ‘reborn’ dolls. Lifelike baby dolls bring about varying types of emotions among sundry people. While some find them creepy and weird, there are many others who can’t stop gushing over their adorable looks and real-life touches. These baby dolls are made such that they don’t just look realistic, they also feel and smell exactly like a new born. This is precisely why these realistic baby dolls are used for therapeutic purposes in nursing homes and in the lives of ailing patients.

In many cultures around the world, the birth of a child is considered a point of reconciliation between estranged couples stuck in a bad marriage. The introduction of a child is seen to bring with it new found hope, excitement and purpose in the life of ailing mothers fighting anxieties, depression and inner demons. Realistic life like dolls are hugely popular all over the internet and they find an overwhelming number of buyer ship. They are an absolute favorite of hobbyist who like collecting various kinds and types of dolls and these are hugely popular amongst older women with varying circumstances and people with psychological issues.
People going through midlife crisis, Alzheimer’s, dementia and existential crisis often seem to recuperate wonderfully well with a life like doll in their embrace. The cuddle therapy not only release hormones that produce a sense of emotional satiation, the presence of a child like doll brings back good old memories of parenting and the nostalgia associated with child bearing and rearing.

In women who are infertile, sterilized, menopausal or lonely realistic baby dolls work as a substitute for a baby. Owners of lifelike baby dolls bathe, dress up and even nurture realistic dolls to fill the void in their lives. While such an activity, if gone unchecked may become problematic, many owners find a healthy way to find happiness and utilize these as a coping mechanism.

Grieving parents who have lost a child too find great refuge in realistic baby dolls for some creature comfort. While their rationale behind embracing lifelike baby, dolls is believed to be an unhealthy emotional dependence on a lifeless doll, many argue that such dolls are not substitutes but a means for them to remember and relive their lost child’s childhood.

Whatever the reasons behind the overwhelming popularity behind realistic dolls be, these dolls  instill in people a reason to be happy, positive and alive!