Popular motor oils for your car

Choosing a motor oil for your vehicle really isn’t a complicated chemistry lesson. All you need to figure out is what viscosity your car requires, whether or not it has been running on synthetic oil, the quantity of motor oil that is required for the car and the best brand there is. Here are some of the top brands to consider. Whichever oil you use, check with your dealer for discounts or oil change coupons.

• Valvoline: Valvoline has been developing oils for high mileage vehicles for a long time. Valvoline offers your engine a certain warranty if you replace oils regularly, if you have less than 125,000 miles or less on the engine and your vehicle meets certain other requirements set by them. Oil change coupons come in handy while regularly planning to replace oils.

• Total Motor Oil: Total Motor Oil is a known name in the US today. A partner for Red Bull’s Formula 1 team, the brand has a reputation in great oil performance and boosting engine longevity.

• Castrol Oil: With great user reviews, this global brand offers lubricants and product for every kind of application. They also make great high-mileage oils. And even if your engine hasn’t been used over a long period of time, it will fire up easily if you have been using Castrol as it stays on for an extended period of time.

• Pennzoil: A huge player in the market, Pennzoil has the reputation to keep your engine clean besides keeping it squeak-free. Improving the engine’s power in turn, it helps improve fuel efficiency. The brand is Ferrari’s official oil supplier.

• Mobil Oil: Keep your engine running in top shape with Mobil Oil. It comes with technology for wear protection, high- and low-temperature performance and protection against sludge and harmful deposits. The brand also offers adapting oils to work with turbo charged engines.

• Quaker State: Offering a mineral-synthetic blend, the oil focuses on a long engine life despite the engine having many miles on it. The oil gives you a feeling of using a brand-new engine.

• Amsoil: This synthetic oil brand has some great reviews in staying on the engine longer too. Known for improving performance of the engine, they were one of the first synthetic oils produced in the world and are one of the few companies recognized by the American Petroleum Institute.

Sometimes, certain brands too, offer oil change coupons and discounts for oil replacement for optimum maintenance of your vehicles.