Popular landlord insurance quotes

Landlord insurance is great for owners who need to protect themselves monetarily from damage or loss incurred to their property. Landlord insurance covers for both malicious and accidental damage. Damages due to unexpected events such as are also covered.

When choosing landlord insurance plans, make sure that the policy you choose covers your specific needs. For example, there are different premiums and coverages if the property is an apartment, building, single family home, a duplex home, or a condo.

Look at the fine print of the landlord insurance quote before making a final decision. Here some of the popular landlord insurance quotes listed for you:

Trusted Choice Inc.
Trusted Choice provides liability coverage for accidents and injuries that occur within the property premises. They offer a variety of discounts for multi-policy holders. They provide insurance coverage for almost all types of structures including apartments, single-homes, duplexes, and apartments.

Landlord insurance by trusted choice cost up to $50 a month, although, prices may vary depending on the applicant’s insurance quote. They provide an additional coverage of rental business coverage, umbrella liability, coverage for loss of rent, coverage for legal fees, additional natural disaster fee, and workers compensation.

Liberty Mutual
Liberty Mutual provides landlord insurance that has repair service coverage in case of unexpected peril. They also offer insurance for legal fees that may incur due to law-related landlord concerns. They also provide assistance and claims related to medical expenses for injuries occurred in the rental property.

Just like other insurance companies, landlord insurance offers protection coverage for almost all types of structures. They offer other benefits such as online policy management, 24×7 claims support, and even paperless bill and documents.

The applicants can buy a landlord insurance from liberty mutual at a monthly cost of $14.

MetLife offers coverage and protection against personal liability, fire, earthquake, flood, malicious mischief, dwelling protection, fair rental income, comprehensive property, legal fees, vandalism, theft, personal injury, inflation, and replacement costs. It offers a variety of features under landlord insurance that include dwelling protection, comprehensive property, and personal liability coverage. The personal liability feature covers for legal fees that may incur in case the landlord is charged with law-related rental issues.

The landlord insurance by MetLife also covers for medical expenses that cost up to $1000. However, the upper bar may depend upon the policy holder’s chosen policy coverage. They provide discounts and deductibles on multi-policy.

Visit the official website of all the above-mentioned insurance agencies to get detailed information.

Before selecting any landlord insurance quote, look for reviews on the internet which will help you select the best out of the lot.