Popular homemade breads from around the world

Bread in all its forms, is an integral part of most cuisines across the globe. A daily staple, bread continues to be baked, roasted and cooked in various shapes and sizes to be sopped, rolled and dabbed with delicious accompaniments. Check out this list of homemade bread recipes savored globally.

This middle-eastern flat bread is usually eaten at just about every meal! It is mostly scooped up with hummus or stuffed with falafel. The dough is kneaded with flour, yeast, nigella seeds and salt. Pitta is then baked at high temperatures to be puffed up. Freshly baked pittas taste divine with kebabs, gyros and chicken shawarmas. Making these puffed pockets at home compares nothing to buying them.

South-east Asian cuisines don’t work very well in the absence of this indispensable flat bread. A typical naan is made by kneading flour, yeast, cooking fat and yogurt to an elastic dough and baking on a tandoor or an oven. This delightful bread is enjoyed best with some ghee or butter on top. What’s best, you could also stuff mashed potatoes, cheese or even garlic to make it a delectable and wholesome meal. These naans are best enjoyed with chicken curries and lamb gravies.

These non-symmetrical twisted breads are great fun to make for people with artistic vision and dexterity! Some basic ingredients used in the dough include all-purpose flour, yeast, butter, egg yolk, baking soda and kosher salt. You could also use sugars, chocolates, nuts and glazes as seasonings. Fillings like tomato-herb-mayo, chicken salad, tuna blob and the like go well with pretzels rolls.

This is a Jewish ceremonial bread that is typically made with eggs, white flour, water, sugar, yeast and salt. You could replace the traditional white flour with whole-wheat or oat for a healthier treat. Challah also has an eggless variant called water challah that has a texture and taste of baguette. This bread is usually braided before it is baked. You may stuff some raisins in the dough and top the loaf with sesame or poppy seeds for an added flavor. This bread is great in accommodating a dense and chewy stuffing.

A rich buttery bread, Zopf comes mainly from Switzerland. Generally made with white flour, milk, eggs, yeast and butter, the dough is plaited and brushed with egg before it is baked to a golden crust. This bread is best enjoyed on a Sunday morning along with some butter, jam, cheese or cold meat.