Popular hair colors for different skin tones

There exist some signature hair color shades which are universal. However, consulting with a stylist would be able to give a wider choice of the color chart that suits each individual’s skin tone and eye color. Listed below are some of the most popular shades of hair color for different skin tones and types as well as eye colors:

Light Ash Blonde has hints of whitish tint with pale turquoise undertones, and mostly suits of women with pale skin tones, especially those rosy complexions. The turquoise blends beautifully with the purple skin rosiness. Using a purple shampoo and conditioner would keep the blonde hair from yellowing. There are plenty of women who, in their mid-30s enjoy this light blonde shade which falls right between the golden and ash blondes. It also blends really well for the fair skin and blue eyes.

Light Golden Blonde is the closest of the yellow shades. It blends well with light and warm skin tones with bright sparkling eyes. There is a little more maintenance required as the yellow shade could quickly turn brassy, giving a not-so-flattering look to the hair.

Champagne Hair Color blends well with the beige tones. The tints of blue and green will offset the pink or rosy tinges of the skin.

Butterscotch Hair Shade gives a new dimension to the warm skin tones. A purplish shade lipstick makes it a style statement

Cool brown hair color like it sounds it is a cool shade for those many common skin tones (not fair or dark). One of the perfect shade to balance the look.

Light Golden Brown or Chocolate Brown is for those living in lovely spring weather! Light golden brown color is wonderful for the warmer skin tones. Get that shiny, lustrous looking hair with the natural texture.

Dark Golden Brown creates a sensational look for the olive skin tones. Through its subtle hints of honey gold in the brown range of color, it is inspired to be the trend from generation to generation.

A Luxurious Expresso Brown Color is simply gorgeous for the medium and not so dark skin tones. A greater glow for a darker eye color. For fair skin tone, it might look bit unnatural.

Light Auburn works best for fair skin tones. One of the closest shade to naturally red hair. It is a striking state with the fair skin tones with light eye colors. It also adds an extra charm by keeping your eyebrow color in mind too.