Popular fengshui plants for your home

The ancient Chinese philosophy of fengshui has found its way into modern homes and work spaces. This is mainly because its implementation harmonizes the spirit of a place. The use of plants for the order and the arrangement in homes is a great way to increase a positive flow of energies as well as for attracting good vibes.

Here are some plants that you can incorporate in your space to enhance the synchronization and serenity of living.

Silver Crown
Blessed with silver luster on its leaves, the silver crown is regarded as the luckiest plant in fengshui. It attracts good luck and fortune for its owner. This plant can be placed in your house or in your office space to boost prosperity.

Money Plant
It isn’t uncommon to see a money plant in houses, gardens and office spaces. And why wouldn’t one see it everywhere! It is said that the money plant boosts wealth, abundance and prosperity for the owner.

Jade Plant
Known as the friendship plant, this auspicious shrub is considered as an incredible addition to your space. Its succulent structure looks magnetic and acts magnetic for luck, relationships and money. Just make sure that you don’t soak it with excess water.

Peace Lilies
This mesmerizing plant with white flowers is not only aesthetically endearing but also beneficial to your health. It absorbs toxic matter from indoors and improves the air’s quality for breathing. You can place this in your bedroom or in room where you where you exercise and meditate.

Lucky Bamboo
These plants might be hollow from the inside but they have an immense amount of substance and wisdom. The hollowness of a lucky bamboo facilitates the easy movement of positive energy. This can be a perfect gift for someone who has just got a new home.

These spellbinding flowers symbolize ease and optimism. They diminish the level of depression and anxiety in a household. Chrysanthemums are known to bring balance and stability for a person, by increasing happiness and good luck.

Make sure that you remember the specific needs of the plants while buying. You don’t want to water it too much or keep it in the sunlight unnecessarily. Such uninformed actions can lead to the falling and drying of the leaves which counters the purpose of having a fengshui plant. Place it in the correct position to channel the energies in house for the best possible outcomes.