Popular designer weekend bags from Ross handbags

Looking for something between a tote bag and suitcase? Welcome to the world of designer weekend handbags, where weekends get a lot more fun! All the hassle and worrying is taken care of with lightweight and ultra-portable handbags.

Who said you need a suitcase for a weekend? Chances are, you don’t carry much other than a little toiletry essentials, nice clothes, and a few electronics. Whether it’s for a short weekend or a long getaway vacation, weekend handbags can meet every traveler’s needs. The best part is that they are ultra-spacious, made up of durable fabrics, very easy to carry and pack your belongings in and don’t take up much space or cause a lot of fuss.

Check out the must-have designer weekend handbags for your holiday getaway. Trust us, you won’t regret buying any of them.

Tassels hollow out bag: An awesome vintage shoulder bag with a hollow out embellishment, the Tassels Hollow Out Bag is one of Ross’s best weekend getaway bags. Very versatile, lightweight and ultra-portable, the Tassels is shaped like a squished row-boat, giving it a gorgeous stylish look. It comes in a neutral, classic light brown color, is very spacious, and can fit in all your essentials. If you’ve ever wanted a handbag that’s funky and lets you travel without a hassle, then this is your savior.

One of the best vintage handbags in the market and definitely the coolest.

The trendy PU-leather color block handbag: If Belgium was more your style and simplicity your choice of color palette, then a trendy designer handbag from popular brands such as Ross will make your day. These bags usually come with a coin purse and the patchwork is artistically crafted to a multi-pattern color embellishment. Its interiors have a functional zipper pocket and a zipper-type closure as well. Ideal for carrying with hands, it has very short handle straps and sits comfortably on the arms.

Super versatile and one of the best budget weekend getaway handbags; A shoulder style handbag affordable by everyone.

Ladies blush pink tote bag: Adorned with gold metal stripes, this tote bag is the very definition of space and portability. An open-end tote bag mounting a luscious pink color design, this handbag has been crafted with simplicity in mind. The black handles attached to its gold metal stripes add to its cool factor and provides a royal touch to it. Simply pour in your essentials, pack up, and strut along with its gorgeous but comfortable shoulder straps. The interiors of the handbag are composed of durable fabric. It’s gold plated metallic stripes are the real deal and it doesn’t get cooler than that.