Popular Bed Bug Sprays and How to Use Them

Bed bugs have been a household concern since World War II. These are small insects that nest in the crevices and multiply at an insane rate. They also bite and suck human blood leading to severe itching and allergic reactions. Bed bugs are an utter menace and they need to be taken care of as soon as spotted by using the best bed bug sprays. Nowadays, the most common way of getting bedbugs is from traveling as they nest heavily in hotels.

Different bed bug sprays

There are some best bed bug sprays which can help in combating the bed bug problem. However, many bed bugs have also become resistant to pyrethroid, which is one of the main components of any bed bug killing spray.

There are some natural sprays that can kill bed bugs when they come in contact. However, according to scientists, bed bugs can sense the presence of natural bed bug sprays and so tend to avoid those spots. So unless you’re pouring it right onto the nests, you might have a tough time in killing these insects.

The best bed bug sprays are pyrethrin or pyrethroid-based. They attack the nerve cells of these insects leading to paralysis and death. AThe registered chemicals in the best bed bug sprays are pyrethrins, neonicotinoids, DDVP, inorganic compounds, S-hydroprene, alcohol, pyrethroids, and neem oil. Although certain species of bed bugs have become resistant to pyrethroids, these are very few and most can be handled easily with the right chemical-based sprays.

Where to spray?

Since even the best bed bug sprays work only when the bed bugs come in contact with them, you need to know where to spray to get the most efficient outcome. As one of the main causes of bed bug infestations occurs due to traveling, have all your travel luggage sprayed. Bed bugs usually breed in small corners and crevices. That is why sides of carpets, cracks on the floor and wall, corner of window frames, bed and sofa lining, behind wallpapers, etc. are some of the most common places that you need to spray.

Top brands of bed bug sprays available

Let’s break down some of the best bed bug sprays available in the market.

Harris Bed Bug Killer

Available for around $20, this is the best bed bug sprays you can find. It also helps kill lice and is perfectly safe to have at home with kids and pets. Harris also has a solution for the pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs for a price of $54.79 approximately.

Ortho Home Defense Dual Action Bed Bug Killer Aerosol Spray

This is one of the best bed bug sprays because it kills bed bugs along with fleas, ticks, and lice but also has the capability to kill pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs. Priced around $12.98 for a can, this is good value for money.

Bed Bug Patrol

This is one of the best bed bug sprays because it has a good residual effect and can address heavy infestations. Bed Bug Patrol has been known to bring down a full-scale bed bug infested room in less than 10 days. Priced at approximately $18.48, this spray can be applied directly on surfaces which are prone to human contact such as cushions and mattresses as well as other spots.

Temprid SC Killer

This is one of the best bed bug sprays meant for professional use. It can kill over 50 types of pests including bed bugs and even the pyrethroid-resistant ones. It is primarily made up of two components, beta-cyfluthrin, which kills the normal pests, and imidacloprid, which kills the pyrethroid-resistant ones. It is available for about $22.95 in the form of a ready-to-use spray and as a concentrated suspension that needs dissolving in water for $76.30 approximately. The concentration form is well suited for a large scale bed bug infestation, while the spray form is adequate for focussed areas.