Picking the best cell phone provider

Choosing the best cell phone providers for your new smartphone purchase can be a tedious task. There are a lot of cell phone providers in the market with competitive prices and deals which can be mind boggling. While there is a lot of dependency on WiFi and broadband connectivity, mobile data is the biggest problem faced by most of the smartphone users these days. So how do you find the right plan for your smartphone and your family’s needs? Here are few points to consider when choosing cell phone providers for your new smartphone:

  • Post- or Pre-paid
    Usually, the best cell phone providers offer better post-paid mobile plans as compared to those of pre-paid. If you are a heavy user of mobile data and are constantly on the move and traveling out of the country, look for the best post-paid deals for your smartphone. Sprint is simply the best, and it offers good reliability. The plans they offer are superb and affordable. The provider gives attractive roaming perks, 2G data, and unlimited texting options. Usually, the rates are about 20 cents a minute. Even good discounts are offered on plans. These are more cost-effective with regard to roaming services and network connectivity. If you are someone who uses WiFi and needs the mobile service for basic 3G network and calls, pre-paid options will work for you as they are focused more on calls, SMS, and roaming within different states.
  • Type of Smart Phone
    Generally, older models of smartphones don’t go well with certain network providers because of the outdated operating system. Faulty battery, older models of processors, and small internal storage can also lead to slowing down of your phone, which can result in slow browsing on the internet. A lot of cell phone providers tie-up with mobile operators to provide the best smartphone with a ready data plan for use. Do your research on the plans available and the type of cell phones available with a particular mobile operator before finalizing on one.
  • Counting Your Phone Lines
    If you are looking for a cell phone plan for your entire family including your spouse, parents, and kids, it is important to count the total number of phone lines and speak to your operator accordingly for the best plan.The mobile operator can give you a basic idea of the entire data consumption of your family and accordingly offer you the best deal and plan for you. Note that the more mobile data you choose to purchase in a plan, the more your cost per phone drops. So, try to choose a higher data plan.
    A lot of mobile operators also offer additional discounts on home WiFi services especially if they notice you are a loyal customer of their services. For instance, Metro PCS offers value for money plans. They charge about $30 per month and offer 1 GB of LTE data. They also have an option of offering 3 GB data for about $10 extra. You can combine plans and take whatever you want as per your suitability. If you are taking it for your family, you get good discounts too. For example, you get four plans at about $140. Metro PCS also has a maximized feature in which low-resolution video is streamed so that not much data is used.

Try to be patient yet persistent with your mobile network demands and the operators will definitely help you with providing the best plan for you and your family.