Paper towel wholesale dealers and manufacturers

While you could be using your share of clothes, rags, and even napkins, there is no real substitute for paper towels. Quite handy, paper towels are quite practical for a number of everyday uses and go way beyond wiping up messes or drying hands. Since they can be used for a number of things like for cleaning fruits and vegetables, removing silk from the cob, and also for cleaning and storing cast iron, it is best to go for paper towel wholesale deals to get the most out of the multi-purpose paper towel roll.

Opting for paper towel wholesale purchase is a good option as it helps you to clean that extra mess without thinking about the cost and wastage. Paper towel wholesale purchase is advantageous for mothers who have the cute little ones who love to play and throw food around.

Here are details of best paper towel wholesale suppliers and dealers
American Waste & Textile
American Waste and Textile, LLC. are famous paper towel wholesale manufacturers. Known for their quality, delivery, and pricing, this paper towel wholesale manufacturers sells disposable paper products, wiping rags, oil absorbent products, industrial work gloves, terrycloth towels, and other packaging supplies. You can request a quote from their official website

Disposable paper towel products include:

  • Scrim Reinforced Wipers
  • Airlay Wipers
  • Non-Woven Wipers
  • Dust Cloths (Treated)

Associated Bag
 The paper towel wholesale brands provide by Associated Bag include:

  • Brighton Professional
  • Clorox
  • Kleenex
  • Scrubs
  • Small Steps
  • Tork
  • Wypall

Associated Bag is a paper towel wholesale supplier who offers towel dispenser for paper towels on a roll and touchless dispenser for paper towels on a roll. Known for their prompt delivery and excellent customer care, this paper towel wholesale supplier provides free test samples and same day shipping guarantee.

ALTA Packaging Inc.
Having 40 years of experience in the packaging industry, ALTA Packaging is a well-known distributor who offers amazing paper towel wholesale deals. Types of paper towels include:

  • Multi-fold paper towel
  • C-fold paper towel
  • Single-fold paper towel
  • Hard wound paper towel
  • Center pull paper towel

ALTA Packaging Inc. provides the above-mentioned paper towels in white & Kraft colors.

Riverside Paper Co., Inc.

Riverside Paper Co., Inc. is a well-established manufacturer and stocking distributor of disposable paper towels. Below mentioned are the following paper towels that are available at wholesale rates:

  • Generic & kitchen roll paper towels
  • Folded hand paper towels
  • Center pull towels

This paper towel wholesale manufacturer also offers towel dispensers for easy usage. You can also give them a call for demonstration and usage of these towel dispensers

With same day shipping facility available, AmeriPak is a woman-owned distributor of paper towels. The following are the types of paper towels wholesale options that are provided by the distributor.

  • Multi-fold towels
  • C-fold towels
  • Single fold towels
  • Hard wound roll towels
  • Center pull towels

Paper towels wholesale purchase can be done online and is available in 1-ply & 2-ply construction in different grades and sizes.

Spector Textile Products, Inc.
Spector Textile Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of standard and custom paper towels known for its just-in-time delivery. The product list includes: 

  • Toilet Tissue, 2 Ply, 96 Rolls/500 Sheets available at case price of $ 44.00
  • 8” White Roll Towels 12 Rolls/350 Ft. available at case price of$ 36.00
  • White multifold towels available at case price of$ 29.00