Pancreatic cancer, symptoms and treatment

Pancreatic cancer arises in the pancreas of the patient. The problem with the detection and treatment of this disease is that there are very few symptoms that may point at the existence of this disease in the early stages. This is why it goes largely undetected. By the time the diagnosis happens, the progression of the disease makes it very difficult to treat and the outlook for recovery is generally not that great. Let us take a deeper look at the pancreatic cancer symptoms and signs.

· Symptoms based on the Location of the Disease: In this kind of cancer, the location plays a large role in the kind of symptoms that the patient would experience. If the cancer has started in the head of the pancreas, then it would come with various symptoms like headaches, nausea as well as vomiting, jaundice which would leave you with yellowing skin and eyes. Pain in the back and abdomen would also be felt if the pancreatic cancer has started in this portion. Itching and enlarged lymph nodes are some of the symptoms. If the pancreatic cancer has started in the body or the tail of the pancreas, then unexplained weight loss as well as back pain and discomfort in the belly would be the most commonly experienced symptoms.

· Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Signs: Among the various pancreatic cancer signs, there are many that have to do with the gastrointestinal health of the patient. Pain in the abdomen is one of the many symptoms that is usually experienced by over 80% of the patients suffering from this cancer, as per various medical studies and reports. Further, bloating and loose motions will also be commonly and frequently experienced due to the cancerous growth in this region. Apart from this, the patient will also find pale hued stools and nausea. Also, the pain that starts in the abdomen will frequently radiate in a dull way towards the back of the patient.

· Whole Body Symptoms: The rest of the body will also get affected by this kind of cancer. To begin with, the patient will report a spike in the blood sugar levels due to the malfunction of the pancreas. This may also lead to additional complications like the development of diabetes, if not treated and contained on time. This is due to the fact that the pancreas are supposed to release insulin, which may not happen when the pancreas are impaired due to the cancer. Also, the patient may experience loss of appetite and malaise due to the same, because the brain will still register hunger and headaches will strike if this hunger is not satisfied in a timely manner with proper nutrition.

· Symptoms that show up on the Skin: A number of Pancreatic cancer symptoms may also show up on the skin in the form of a yellow pallor due to the prevalence of jaundice and itching as well.