Organize Your Travel with the Right Accessories

Think of traveling and the first thing that comes to our mind is luggage and packing. Given below are few travel accessories which will make your life easier and organized.

Four USB roll-up travel charger by Restoration Hardware
It is a portable charger which has four charging outlets on a single bar that rolls up into a slip-proof polyurethane mat. It is priced at around $49.

Self Sealing Dry Bag by Travelon
It is a dry bag made of PVC material. It has a capacity of eight liters. It is self sealing and waterproof. It is perfect for water sports, outdoor activities, and camping.

Grid It Accessory Organizer
This accessory organizer easily fits into most luggage bags and cases. It comprises a rubberized woven elastic object retention system to facilitate gadget organization. It is ideal for organizing personal items like smartphones and other digital devices. It has been devised to keep objects settled in one place and is priced at around $23.

Flight 001 Shoe bags
These are shoe bags meant for keeping soiled shoes separate from clothes. Its treated fabric helps in preventing stains and foot odor from spreading throughout the suitcase.

Magic Mosaic Travel Pillow with Eyemask
These travel pillows are made from soft plush and polyester filling, designed to make your travel experience comfortable. It also comes with an eye mask to ensure disturbance-free sleep during the journey.

Magellan’s In Transit Convertible Pants
Magellan’s In Transit Convertible Pants are made of comfortable fabric and fit, made for women on the move. These convertible pants feature roll-up tabbed cuffs to convert to Capri length, elasticized waist, side seam zip pockets, and back pockets. It is available in five sizes.

Magellan’s Luxe Inflatable Seat Cushion
Luxe Inflatable Seat Cushion inflates with just a few breaths to your perfect comfort level. It relieves the pressure on your spine during long flights and automobile trips. It creates a gentle cushion of air which you can adjust to your ideal level of softness and support. To ease the process of cleaning the cushion, the cover made of mesh as well as microsuede can be simply taken off. The pillow packs into a compact carrying pouch, which can easily fit into your traveling bag.

Memory Foam Comfort Kollar
Memory Foam Comfort Kollar is the right choice for comfort while sleeping upright while traveling. It is made of extremely soft viscose and memory foam core. It has a contoured shoulder area, tapered back and beveled jawline. It supports the head and neck in 360-degree comfort so that you awaken rested and refreshed.

Magellan’s Jersey Travel Blanket
This travel blanket is made of soft breathable poly/ cotton blend fabric. It provides extra warmth in chilly airplane cabins, air-conditioned taxi cabs, and restaurants. Its compact pouch makes it easy to pack and store when not in use, thus making it travel-friendly.

Occles Ultimate Eyeshades
These durable and lightweight eye shades block out 100 percent of the light, minimizing external distractions and allowing you to get sound sleep. It comes with a bridgeless design with soft rubber eye pads for comfort. Its flexible contoured band can drape around your neck when not in use. It is made of nylon/ ABS plastic. These eyeshades come with an adjustable fit. Occles Utlimate Eyeshades are priced at around $20.

Forenkla Carry On Bag on Wheels and Backpack
Forenkla bags are packed with smart functions to simplify commuting and shorter travel, designed for people on the go. It contains one small backpack that can be easily attached to the outside of the carry on bag. The smaller backpack has features like a laptop compartment and an extra outer pocket to keep things like passport, tickets etc handy. The bag is made of polyester fabric. The zipper is made of brass and the handle is made of polypropylene and aluminum. It is great value for money at around $49.