OnePlus 5 now on sale

OnePlus smartphones are now a huge hit in the markets because they come with advanced computing technologies and other features. The OnePlus 5 smartphone was launched in June 2017 and is available in select countries only. However, the company has planned to introduce the model in India and other nations by the end of 2017. Unlike previous OnePlus mobiles, the new mobile phone will allow users to notice the difference with the latest applications. It is slimmer than previous handsets and looks like an iPhone.

The Dash Charge feature in the phone provides methods for charging faster to save power. Buying a smartphone is a challenging task, and people who want to buy one must focus more on the features for making their purchase worthwhile.

Its exclusive Oxygen OS version in the comes with fast speeds, enabling one to ensure free roaming in 17 countries. A 16-megapixel dual-lens camera in the model makes a person take photos professionally even in poor lighting conditions.

Another factor is that it makes feasible ways for switching between the apps with the Android Nougat operating system. It also offers some other outstanding features that are given below:

128 GB internal storage
Matte finishing
Excellent zooming and selfie shots
Smart Capture feature for taking professional photos
Optical image stabilization
20-megapixel primary camera
Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 Octa-core processor
LED flash
3500 mAh power battery
MPEG4 video format
MP3 audio format
Unlimited phone book

The OnePlus 5 is a model that can inspire many customers. However, it is necessary to take more time and attention before buying this product.

Everyone wants to buy a dream phone that offers modern features for downloading, browsing, and file storing. At the same time, people must make sure that they have chosen a model product that exactly fits their budgets and other needs.

Both old and new OnePlus mobiles allow a person to experience the advantages of modern features. One can read the reviews on phones online before buying a product. It is possible to order a phone directly from company’s website after collecting the details.

The prices of phones may differ, and one should know them properly for making the purchase a worthy one. One can also compare prices online for ordering a product at affordable budgets. Buying a new model may become a challenging one for some, and a OnePlus model can solve their problems with notable features and applications.