New and popular innovations in car and vehiclular electronics

Automakers and tech companies are now coming up with innovative inventions. To fit the bill, these inventions must be easy to use, smart, comfortable, and help improve the driving experience. From features such as holographic dashboards and rotating chairs, the following are some of the most amazing innovations that impress the driver and enthusiast alike.

A car seat that will notify you if it detects you are stressed
Dubbed as “the active wellness seat,” the car seat measures your heart beat rate to ensure that you are driving comfortably and are alert. It will recommend a back massage, if it detects you are stressed, that you can choose to accept or decline. This innovation in the field of car and vehicle electronics helps the automakers to focus on ways that they can keep drivers alert and comfortable at the same time.

This is basically a camera-based collision avoidance system, which can be integrated in any vehicle which will help the driver avoid collision hazards. This car and vehicle electronic system will make a sound when it senses that the car is veering out of its lane, tailgating, and is on a collision course with the opposite vehicle or even a pedestrian. More advanced features of this amazing car and electronic component includes lane marking, traffic light, speed limit sign detection, etc.

The Porsche Mission E
It is a concept car that is all electric. The car is being designed to cover 250 miles in a single charge of 15 minutes. The car has an “eye-tracking” technology that detects the driver’s vision. It opens the corresponding instrument based on where the driver is looking on the dashboard. This innovative feature shows that how cars will get more intuitive going forward. It highlights the development of car and vehicle electronics that will cut down potential accidents.

Toyota Concept car
Named as the FCV plus, it is a hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology. It is designed for when hydrogen will be in widespread use. The design shows the potential of alternative energy that can be used in transportation.

WayRay Augmented Reality
It is a type of heads-up display that projects a holographic image on the driver’s windshield. Only the driver can see the full holographic image. It provides information such as current speed, how far is the destination, and the distance until the next turn. The way the technology is taking shape, augmented reality could become regular in cars in the near future.

Key FOB with featured color display by BMW 7 series
The Key FOB by BMW 7 series allows you to start or stop the engine from a distance. Although tiny, it provides you with lot of information about the car. This ensures that the car owners have more power and control over the car even when they are not driving it. The FOB can be charged wirelessly through a charging pad on the BMW console.

Parallel parking by Mitsubishi’s self-driving concept car
For all you folks who find it difficult to park your car between two cars, this concept car has the magnificent feature that helps you park your car. This comes in handy in cities, streets, and alleys that have a notoriously tight parking spots. This aspect has made driving experience a lot easier.

The Autopilot system by Tesla
How can one talk about technologic innovations and not mention Tesla? The new version of Tesla (currently 8.1) comes with features like automatic steering, lane changing, side collision warning, and automatic parallel parking. This revolution in car and vehicle electronics is bringing the automotive industry much closer to the concept of “complete driverless system.” You can actually approve software updates and get a whole new lot of perks and features, just like a phone.