Must-try no-cook appetizers

Who would want to spend hours in the kitchen prepping when there’s a list of no-cook appetizers to go with! All you need is a handful of ready ingredients, a few minutes, some creativity, and you are good to go!

Check out five easy no-cook appetizer recipe ideas for your next get together.

Salad-style appetizers
Have you ever thought of turning a classic salad into a finger food? Why not! Chop your favorite vegetables into fine pieces and add some creamy sauce to get a smooth texture. Place this mixture into lettuce leaves and top them with cheese shavings. Try preparing handheld appetizers with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese slices dipped in olive oil, and some basil leaves. Voila! Different salad dressing and turning them into party-ready appetizers in no time is a great option for every occasion.

Blending flavors to create easy bites
Last-minute calls for preparing appetizers can be daunting. You might have guests waiting in your living room and you’re left with a handful of vegetables, fruits and some slices of dry-cured ham. Sound worrying, right? But it is not. These ingredients along with some condiments are perfect for preparing a no-cook dish that is not only tasty but also quick and easy. Mix and match the sweetness of fruits with the saltiness of sliced ham to create a plateful of simple yet magical flavors.

Salmon it is!
Talking about appetizers and who would want to miss out on salmon. Take the bread of your choice and spread some spicy mayonnaise to add a twist of taste to its creaminess. There’s not much to do though; just place a few smoked salmon on each bread and create a stylish dish in a few minutes. You can either go for canned salmon or smoke one at home, it does taste appetizing.

Don’t keep the shrimp away
Easy and quick appetizer recipes might not just be with simple ingredients. You can also prepare a no-cook shrimp dish and amaze your friends and family. Add grapefruit or lemon zest to the shrimp and give it a nice toss with some olive oil. To enjoy the savory flavors of this quick and easy appetizer, make sure to refrigerate for about 5 to 10 minutes before you serve it.

Cheese balls with a surprise
Cheese balls are never out of style. So, instead of going the conventional way, why not try prepare with nuts and dates. Add the sweet flavors of dates and crunchiness of walnuts with that of creamy cheese balls.