Must-have hearing aid accessories you can get from Specsavers

A hearing aid is a device that is used by those who have hearing loss. Hearing loss is a common problem that can happen due to a number of reasons, the most prominent one being old age.

There are many brands that sell hearing aids and accessories. It is always best to go for reputed brands that provide you with the necessary knowledge and equipment you will need along with the hearing aid. For eg. Specsavers hearing aids. You can get all that you need from Specsavers. They are one of the most popular brands that you will find today.

What are the accessories you need?

In order to use the hearing aid, the accessories are absolutely essential. Here are a few that you will need when you buy your Specsavers hearing aids.

  • Batteries

A hearing aid runs on batteries. You must buy the appropriate one and change it, once the previous battery has drained. These batteries are small in size and changing them is very easy. The sizes they come in are size 10, 312, 12, and 675. Once you know which one you should get, it is best to have spare ones with you at all times.

  • Cleaning tools

There are a few common tools that you will get when you purchase the Specsavers hearing aids. These can be used for everyday cleaning. Apart from this, you can always give it to the care provider to keep it in good condition. This will extend the life of the hearing aid and make it more reliable to use.

  • Hearing aid cleaning brush

This is a brush that has a soft tip. It cleans the sound port and the body of the device. There are even brushes that have a magnetic battery removal to make cleaning a lot easier.

  • Wax pick

As the name suggests, this is a tool that helps remove the wax and any other particles from the nooks and holes of the hearing aid.

  • Multitool

This is an all-in-one tool that has both the brush and the wax pick. It is all that you need to thoroughly clean your hearing aid on a daily basis.

  • Hearing aid case

You will need to keep your hearing aid in a safe place when not in use. The professionals from Specsavers give a protective case in which you can carry and store the hearing aid.

  • Other useful devices that you can get from Specsavers

Specsavers has joined hands with Geemarc to offer a range of accessories that are aimed at improving the quality of life. There are devices that we use every day. The sounds they make are amplified to meet the hearing requirement of the individual. Some of them include the following:

  • Geemarc CL7130

This product will ensure that the TV volume is regulated at a level that will suit everyone in the house. It also allows you to adjust the sound and make the tone audible for any person listening.

  • Amplident 400

This hi-tech gadget allows you to make and receive calls directly from your hearing aid. It has flashing lights and a very loud ringer that is sure to grab attention to it. It even has a vibration handset.

Buying Specsavers hearing aids is an important life decision and a big investment to make. You need to take good care of it and optimize its usage as well. The accessories that you get along with it also must be kept in good condition. You can get Specsavers hearing aid kits when you purchase the device. The accessories you get along with it are must-haves to keep the hearing aid working and in good condition.