Most popular baby shower favors

The most precious things in life often include pregnancy, child birth and child rearing. When a woman is pregnant, her heart and mind is filled with visions of happiness, love and fulfillment. Pregnancy is a time when a woman spends nine months in anticipation even as she takes complete care of herself in emotional and physical terms, which has a direct bearing on the well-being of the child.

Naturally, there are a number of rituals and traditions that are celebrated around the world to make the expecting mother feel special. A baby shower is one such tradition that helps friends and family get together, so that they can all bring gifts for the expecting mother. This is also a time when loved ones show their support for the mother and child. Typically, this is a big celebration that also includes party favors, food and much bunting.

Some popular baby shower favors are –

Personalized Gifts
You can easily give your friends personalized gifts that will be embellished with icons and colors depending on the sex of the baby you are expecting. You can also choose gender-neutral elements in case you have decided to be surprised as far as the gender goes. You can get mason jars, glasses, mugs and even photo frames personalized as a thank you token for your guests. This will also make them feel special.

Photo Frames
If there is one thing that we cannot get enough of, it is pictures. No matter where we go and what we do, we always like to capture moments in pictures. So a really good gift for your guests could be photo frames. You can choose soothing white frames with colorful buttons and pins, or could also put in a picture of the guest so that he or she feels cherished. In such cases, you will need to label each gift with the name of the guest so that there is no mix up.

Coasters and Card Holders
Pretty table accessories are also the perfect gifts to give someone. So choose cute elephants and tiny dinosaurs for peppy and cheery gifts. These can be shaped as a coasters and card holders so that they can accompany place settings as well.

Nothing shows your gratitude better than aromatic and fragrant candles with pretty holders. Get tea light holders with a set of scented candles so that your guests feel pampered. You can also get embellished holders or do them up with colored glitter, depending on the gender of the baby you are expecting.

Tutus and Shoes
You can choose tiny little tutus and shoes which can be framed and given to your guests with a handwritten thank you note. This will make the perfect gift for your guests. You can choose frocks or tiny shorts depending on the gender of the baby. For a gender-neutral statement, you can choose shoes.