Top 4 Affordable Samsung Refrigerators for Compact Storage

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics and has the biggest pool of satisfied customers all over the world. If you are looking for the best home appliances in a wide range of budgets, Samsung is the brand for you. Not only does the brand make electronics of different price ranges but they also ensure that the quality is superior, durable and as efficient as other electronic brands. Looking for refrigerators can usually be very confusing because there are way too many different models, brands, sizes, and specifications that you need to go through. To make things easier for you, here is a list of the top 4 models of Samsung refrigerator that are affordable, and which can easily fit in your kitchen without taking too much space.

  • External Dispenser Side-by-Side- RS25H5000
    This is a very affordable Samsung refrigerator model that you can buy through the EMI process as well. Compared to the other expensive models from the Samsung refrigerator range, this one is quite compact and worth the money. You enjoy external filtered water to drink as well as an external ice dispenser. You don’t need to keep opening the freezer to check if your ice is ready to use and you don’t need to necessarily fill water in the ice cube tray! Within a few minutes, you can easily dispense ice without opening the freezer! The refrigerator comes with 4 tempered glass and spill-proof shelves which you can easily remove and clean. Along with this, you have 2 clear crispers, 1 dairy bin, 4 door bins, and 1 snack drawer to easily arrange all the items in your refrigerator without wasting time looking for items in the fridge. The freezer section has a compact ice makers, 1 drawer, 4 door bins, and 1 drawer. This is very spacious to store all your frozen meat and foods.
  • 25 cu. ft. French Door with External Water & Ice Dispenser RF263BEAESG/AA
    This is another Samsung refrigerator from the Ice Master range which is affordable and easy to purchase either online from their brand website or from other e-commerce websites like Amazon. The twin cooling system comes with an external water filter and an ice maker with a dispenser. You can easily adjust the cooling temperature of the refrigerator using the temperature control. The refrigerator comes with 2 humidity-controlled crispers and a huge drawer at the bottom to store all your vegetables and fruits. The shelves are made of tempered glass which are easy to clean and are also spill proof. This is a twin door design with the freezer on the left and normal cooling fridge on the right followed by another cooling pantry in the drawer below.
  • 21 cu. ft. Capacity Top Freezer Refrigerator with FlexZone™ and Automatic Ice Maker- RT21M6215SG/AA
    This Samsung refrigerator has the classic refrigerator door opening with the freezer on top and the normal cooling fridge below. The above two options have a twin door system which makes the fridge slightly broad. This model of the fridge has a slightly thinner frame which makes it very easy to place in the kitchen. With a sleek silver stainless steel look, this Samsung refrigerator looks sophisticated and compact with a very simple design. This model will easily fit your budget and is slightly cheaper than the above two Samsung refrigerator models.
  • Top Mounted Refrigerator with Smart Convertible 253l- RT28N3923B8
    This is another classic Samsung refrigerator with the freezer on top and the normal cooling compartments at the bottom. It is manufactured with a digital inverter technology. It is one of the cheapest Samsung refrigerators which not only affordable but also extremely efficient and durable. It is compact which means it can easily fit into your kitchen, your living room or even on your terrace corner. The best part about this compact refrigerator is that you can convert your freezer into a normal fridge by regulating the temperatures in case you need extra storage for cooling vegetables and groceries. With the power freeze option, you can freeze your ice cubes, meat, ice creams, etc., super quick without worrying about how much time it will take to freeze your defrosting ice creams.