Men’s watches – Spotting the right the watch

There are very few things in your wardrobe that can make a fashionable statement like a watch can. You may be having the drabbest day with a ho-hum outfit, but a good watch can instantly make you look like a fashion forward person. It does not merely add charm to your to your outfit, but also says a lot about your personality. A good watch on the wrist is that right finishing touch which completes a person’s look.

Men’s watches are an important accessory because it is one of the few accessories that most men turn to. Apart from glares, shoes, and belts, this is one fashion accessory that can actually make you look and feel great. Here are few tips to help you to choose the best men’s watches.

– Know your type: The men’s watches market is flooded with different types. You will need to identify the purpose and the occasion for which you are looking a watch. Brands like Fossil watches and others have luxury watches, everyday watches, sports watches and even vintage style mechanical watches. You can pick your choice depending on what kind of technology and look you adore. We recommend you to choose one watch per occasion; like a formal watch for parties and other events, an everyday watch that you can wear to work, and a sports watch that will see you through your physical pursuits.

– The strap: The band or the strap of the watch is one of the most important things. You will have to choose the same with care. For example, do not choose a leather band for sportswear. A rubber strap will be a great addition to your wrist for such a purpose as it will not get spoilt with your sweat and the dust that it may end up catching outdoors. Similarly, you can choose a metal strap for everyday wear and formal wear as well. A leather strap is also a classic that you can pick up for everyday wear. You can also choose an edgy leather criss- cross strap like one from the Fossil watches collection for everyday wear if you have more of a casual dress code at work.

– The dial: Most luxury watches like Seiko Watches and Michael Kors Watches will offer you the luxury of a well put together dial. Seiko, for example, has a flat dial that exemplifies and nearly offers an embossed effect to the razor sharp needles on its face. Mechanical watches may have a plethora of dials, while sports watches will imbibe a fitness technology to bring on a stopwatch as well. Choose the dial as per the requirement. For example, you will need a simple dial that will simply show you the time as soon as you look at it if you are buying the same for everyday wear. This is because you do not want to waste time locating the needles or the numbers. Similarly, a mechanical watch would be great for formal occasions as it has a rather artistic and, vintage appeal.