Saddle up with the right cowboy boots

If you’re a fan of the Wild Wild West, cowboy boots will unmistakably catch your eye. You can trust these boots to make a statement on their own. These boots have been around for longer than you can imagine. The history behind them will only make them more appealing. They are so distinctive that you can hardly miss them even when worn by a ginger cat.

When It All Began
Originally, cowboys wore boots to protect their feet while riding horses. Their purpose was to ensure that the rider remained securely seated on the saddle. They are made to be durable and provide comfort to the wearer. Over the years, these boots have evolved with varying designs to go with jeans, skirts and dresses. Although traditionally made of cowhide, cowboy boots today are often made of leather. The toes and heels are modified and designed with cuts, fringes, and buckles.

The Originals
Traditional cowboy boots are of two types: the ‘classic’ and the ‘roper.’ The classic cowboy boots consist of a tall boot shaft till mid-calf, with one inch angled heels. The ‘roper’ is a newer design that has a short boot shaft stopping above the ankle, before the middle of the calf. It has a low square heel at the sole of the boot. At the time of the first World War, Europe introduced ‘Wellington boots’ to the world. Later on, ‘Hessian boots’ were popularized for their scalloped shaped shaft. Boots were only used in the west for riding until Hollywood showcased it to rest of the world in the early 30’s. In the early 80’s cowboy boots became a trademark of the Indiana Jones franchise.

How To Pick A Boot That Fits
Boots have been transformed over the years by different industries, cultures, and designers. There are many models available which vary with height, materials, colors and shapes.The height of the boot can extend up to the ankle, mid-calf, knee high and thigh high. The heel of the boot can be from less than an inch to over 3 inches. They are also available in different shapes. The toe end of the boot can be in circular, square, rectangular or even in pointed shapes. Besides these basic differences, cowboy boots are available in different prints. The designs are so limitless that the only restriction is the budget you have.

There are combat boots, hiking boots, snow boots and horse riding boots. Of course, the cowboy boots are one of the originals. The designs that were made to serve cowboys and are now popularly known to make a statement. They are an iconic symbol of the west. They are seen sported in every movie set in the west. You can be sure to expect a scene where two men point guns at each other whilst sporting the infamous cowboy boots.

You can be assured that cowboy boots will never go out of style. They are easy to maintain and can be flaunted for many years to come. Being a one-time investment, they do not disappoint when paired with almost any outfit.