Taking a closer look at popular Maytag washer dryer bundle

Washer and dryer bundles are ideal for those looking for matching washers and dryers but have no idea about the criteria that make the machines complimentary to each other. The machines in a washer and dryer bundle don’t just match each other in style but also in the capacity and functionality.

The washer and dryer as parts of a washer dryer bundle can be of different styles. They can either be both loaded from the same side (top or front) or can consist of machines with two different loading styles. A lot of brands offer washer and dryer bundles, and Maytag is one of them.

This is a review of one such famous Maytag washer dryer bundle that comprises of the Maytag MVWX655DW Washer and Maytag MEDX655W dryer. These machines can be bought individually as well as in a package at Best Buy.

The Maytag MVWX655DW Washer

The washer can tackle large loads of laundry with its 4.3 cubic feet wash drum. The clothes can be loaded into the machine from the top. The appliance has a stylish control panel on the top, and the model is available in white. The wash drum is made of stainless steel making this a great Maytag washer dryer bundle for those looking for machines with drums that do not have a chance at damaging clothes. Stainless steel drums are rust resistant and avoid damaging the clothes.

The washer can fit in a narrow washer space as it is 27.5 inches in width and 42 inches in height. It comes with a vibration reduction technology that offers less noisy laundry cycles. This Maytag washer dryer bundle has a power-efficient washer as the washer is High Efficiency qualified. It has a triple action agitator though it lacks the steam function that is usually found in some washers at this price range.

The 11 wash cycles offered by the washer caters to many washing needs. These wash cycles include regular, cold wash, rinse and spin, soaking period and a lot more. Since the fabric can vary and the same temperature setting does not work for all materials, the washer of this Maytag washer dryer bundle comes with five temperature settings. The rinse and a spin feature is excellent for ensuring that no stain gets passed on from one clothing item to another.

The Maytag MEDX655W Dryer

The Maytag MEDX655W of this Maytag washer dryer bundle is available in two variants – electric and gas. The dryer has a capacity of 7 cubic feet to tackle large and bulky loads of laundry. It offers eleven drying cycles to ensure efficient drying performance with every kind of load.

The dryer comes with the advanced moisture sensor that automatically sets the temperature and time for drying by detecting the moisture level in the clothes. This helps in avoiding the clothes from getting over-dried. Over-drying garments can cause damage in the long run. And running the drying cycle unnecessarily would also mean a waste of energy and power resources and a higher electricity bill. The dryer has a powder coated interior which is easy to clean and requires very less maintenance making this Maytag washer dryer bundle ideal for those looking for a washer dryer set that is low maintenance.

Maytag is known for its durable and brilliant performances its washers and dryers offer. Other than that, most of Maytag’s washers and dryers are very budget-friendly. A number of these models can be found at even under USD 500 at times.