Making use of online job portals

In today’s digital medium and age with the advent of social media and online portals, advertising is key. Especially for a recruiter who might be looking for the ideal candidate, posting your requirements on various job portals is the raging trend. Back in the day, these advertisements would be littered across the classifieds section. But now as more and more people go online, it only makes sense to make use of these portals to gain a bigger audience.

Here are a few benefits of posting requirements on job portals.

One of the major benefits of posting job requirements online is better interaction with applicants. CV responses to jobs which can be posted in a matter of minutes on these easy to use and versatile portals are more efficient and quicker compared to traditional methods.

The cost of posting job requirements online is very little as compared to posting advertisements in newspapers or using other traditional methods. Online portals offer a variety of services, some even free of cost to make use of along with premium plans which are designed to suit the recruiters needs.

Major job portals are linked directly or indirectly to social media, which automatically improves exposure levels. Almost everyone today is on social media, and they are more likely to come across job links which will connect them to the main portal. Search engine optimization plays a key role here. For example, a candidate has just searched for jobs online and he or she logs into a certain social media site. The candidate will still see relevant ads and links which will connect them with other job portals also.

Online portals offer flexibility in terms of databases which will have the current and active listings, unlike traditional methods which are restricted to an industry or set parameters. Wider reach is the main reason why online portals are more effective, the circulation is not limited to a city, town or state.

Simple targeted approach ensures the best applications. Job portals filter down postings efficiently per the location, desired candidate profile, qualifications, skills and other relevant parameters for hire. Employers and recruiters can be very specific while posting requirements and can avoid the grueling task of sifting through all the applications that clutter their inbox. Filters allow them to focus on the ideal profiles and candidates who are also looking for something which suits the job description.

The biggest advantage of online job portals is a database is built. All the CV’s sent by applicants may not be hired instantly, but will be kept in the database for future reference.