Make Your Small Room Capacious With Murphy Beds

Wondering what Murphy beds are? Have you seen people living in a studio apartment or a one-room kitchen flat? Do you feel congested entering those apartments? If yes, you may ask them to get themselves a Murphy bed.

Murphy beds are commonly known as wall beds or folding beds. These beds are built across walls and are pivoted at one end. Thus, it can easily be folded whenever not in use. Ideally, it is used in ships, one bedroom apartments, or movable houses. It doesn’t occupy much space and can be folded whenever not in use. This is one of the most compact beds that you can buy if you have a small house and you want to save space.

Birth of the Murphy Beds

No doubt, the Murphy beds were named after a person called William Lawrence Murphy, who was living in a studio apartment in San Francisco between the 19th and 20th century. Due to lack of space in his apartment, he invented this bed with a hinge at an end.

Advantages of Murphy Beds over traditional beds

Makes your room capacious

Murphy beds can easily be folded along the wall, allowing more space in the room for other things. It makes your room look bigger and clean. Every night or whenever you wish to lie down, you may open up your bed and when leaving the bed, simply fold it along the wall.

A comfortable and sound sleep

There are many other companies making beds that are of the same design. But, when it comes to Murphy beds, the comfort and class are to the next level. Murphy beds are sold by several other reputed furniture companies. You may easily notice the difference between the folding/wall beds from Murphy and other companies. The other specialty of an original Murphy bed is the lifelong guarantee on the product and its durability. So, you need not worry when spending money on this amazing bed because it offers a guarantee with the comfort.

Adds value and class to your interior

In case you are planning to shift to a new location, you need not worry. Your Murphy bed can easily be carried from one place to another. But, if you have planned to leave it back in your old house, or wish to sell it, you will be offered an extra price for it. There are 4 very simple reasons for this-
– The quality of this bed is unbeatable
– It offers a lifetime guarantee
– It adds comfort to your life
– Offers a lavish interior design

Top 5 stores that sell Murphy Beds

– Murphy Bed USA Inc in Boca Raton
– Murphy Wallbed USA in Tulsa
– Murphy Wall Beds Hardware in Surrey
– More Space Place Salem in Salem
– Bredabeds in Nampa

Buying Murphy Beds online

Apart from several other sites such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, you can also pick up your favorite product by visiting the official site of Murphy Bed Depot. Here you’ll get original products at a discounted price during season sales. The site offers easy and secure shipping facility along with installation.

So, if you are dealing with space shortage at your home and if want to make your bedroom even more commodious, go for it. Murphy Beds are just for you. This helps in utilizing the space created as a living room, office, library, or study room for you.

Not only this, Murphy Beds are even more comfortable when sleeping. The mattresses used by Murphy Bed Depot are soft and fluffy which offer you a comfortable sleep without hurting your back.
So, don’t think twice, just log in, make the payment and get your bed in your room. Just place an order and Murphy Bed is all yours.
Order now and feel like a king/queen at your own place.